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There is nothing worse than being unemployed and broke, unless you are living with someone that is in this situation. There are several different types of unemployed people out there: the ones that are depressed about it; the ones that are completely happy and content with it; and the ones that are willing to make a change and do something about it. If your roommate falls into the first two categories, then you may have a problem, especially when the rent is due and your roommate is never around.

The Depressed Unemployed Roommate

Losing your job can be devastating. Not having a secure income coming through can make it tough to enjoy life and many people can easily slip into a form of depression because of it. You might find that your roommate is having trouble finding work and every day that goes past without any offers is a day that he slips into a deeper sadness. This can be hard to watch, especially if you are happily employed and leaving him every day to search for jobs on the internet in his sweatpants.

It is important that you are supportive during this time. Give him a list of recruitment agencies or even skilling agencies that can help him with his skills and entitlements. If you notice that he has stopped trying to find a job, then you need to motivate him to keep looking. After all, giving up means that there is no income coming in and the longer this happens, the harder life is going to get.

The economy is tough and thus it might be hard for your roommate to find a job that he enjoys or that relates to his qualifications right away. Encourage him to try for something completely different and less pay, if necessary. His confidence is probably going to be shattered, especially after job hunting for a few weeks with nothing, and thus you need to reassure him that there is something better and, for now, it's okay to take whatever is out there. If you notice your roommate really is trying to find work but no one is biting, then perhaps offer to help him out with the rent for the first month, if you are in a position to do so and you trust that you will be paid back when the job search is successful.

The Lazy Unemployed Roommate

If you notice that your roommate is happy about lounging around on the couch all day and not finding work, then this can be a problem too, unless he has a secret money tree in the garden that he can use to pay the rent. Even if he does, this can be frustrating and annoying, especially if you are coming home after long days at the office to a roommate that hasn't moved from the couch except to make a huge mess in the kitchen and change the movie.

While not everyone needs to work in life, most people should as it gives them a sense of purpose. Try to explain this to your roommate and suggest that he gets even a part time job just to keep him entertained during the day for a few days a week. Dealing with an unemployed roommate can be tough on him and on you, especially if the situation goes on for a long time. Whether your roommate is happily unemployed or struggling to find work, your job is to be supportive and encouraging all the while being a good motivator and confidence booster. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it and you are the perfect person for the job.

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