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Having a pool in your rental complex is a big plus. However, this is not the case if the pool is too dirty to even use. Pools require constant attention and care and this is the responsibility of the landlord or the building association. In most instances there will be a company hired to take care of the pool facilities including cleaning it and adding the right chemicals, just as a laundry facility maintenance crew would upkeep the community laundry appliances. So what can be done, as a renter, if you are dealing with a dirty complex pool?

Renting and Complex Swimming Pools

As a renter you are most likely not part of the building association - the owner of the apartment is. What this means is that the owner of the apartment will pay the fees to be part of the association as well as the maintenance fees. In some instances you might be responsible for this but usually these costs fall under the responsibility of the owner of the apartment, not the renter. So, what all this means is that you are not legally part of the association and cannot walk in there and make a complaint.

What you can do is make a complaint to your landlord. You may find that the pool maintenance company hired to do the job is not doing what they are supposed to or you may find out that the building association is only hiring them to clean the pool once a month when this should be done at least once a week. Talking to your landlord about it can give you a better understanding of why the pool is dirty to begin with.

The bottom line when it comes to living in a complex with a dirty pool is that you don't really have many rights. Apart from cleaning it yourself, which can get expensive, you really can't do anything about it except voice your concern to the property manager who will hopefully pass the complaint on to the right people in charge of making these changes. There is a good chance that if you notice a problem with the pool that other people in the complex also have the same complaint.

Putting in a Complaint

Be persistent with your complaint and ask your landlord about the situation. He may find out that, yes, the complex pool is not being cared for but no, there are no immediate plans to do anything about it. If the pool is not being used or is too expensive to maintain, then the building association may have made a joint decision to just leave it be. This is especially the case in the summer and fall months when it is often too cold to go for a dip instead.

So what can you do? As a renter, not much. If you want to swim but don't want to swim in a dirty pool you can pay a slight fee and use one of the public pools which are usually better equipped for swimming lengths than complex pools anyway.

You may choose to swim in the pool anyway, even if the water looks a little murky. Again, swim at your own risk and it is a good idea to keep your kids out of the dirty water. A pool that is not properly cleaned and does not have the right chemicals is often a health hazard as bacteria can be swimming around in the water. Dealing with a dirty complex pool is not nice but, as a renter, a part from voicing your concerns, you cannot really do much else about it.

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