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People fight. This is all a part of life. However, some spouses, partners, parents, kids, etc fight more than others and some are very vocal. If you notice that you can hear your neighbors have their domestic disputes it can be hard not to listen and it could end up disrupting a party you hold. Furthermore, it can be hard to act like everything is normal when they are swearing and screaming at one another from across the hall. So what should you do?

You may think that the best thing to do is go over there and offer your assistance but this is actually not going to help the situation. In fact, you could be left with a very awkward situation for both you and your neighbors. Furthermore, they will probably still fight about the fact that they are fighting too loudly and nothing will get resolved. When you and your partner get into a heated argument the last thing you want is third party coming in and putting in his two cents right? This is the same for them.

However, if the screams and swearing are getting out of control and if you have children in the rental unit then you may wish to address this problem. Wait until the fighting has subsided and then speak to your neighbor about it. Bring it up casually like "we overheard your fight last night. I hope everything is okay," or "perhaps you didn't know how thin the walls are and how much voices travel." You may even suggest that they shut the windows and leave the cuss words out of the fight if you have children.

Handling Fighting Neighbors

Don't address the problem a few minutes after the fight. Wait a day or two and bring it up casually to one of your neighbors. They are most likely going to feel very embarrassed about the fact that you heard them fight and that it has become a problem for your family life. Try to keep the conversation light and act like it is not a big problem so that you don't cause any further tension in the area.

If the fighting doesn't stop then you may wish to talk to your landlord about it. Furthermore, if the fighting appears to be getting violent or abusive in any way, then you should contact your landlord to see what he wants to do. Do not try to solve the situation yourself. If you are concerned about a domestic abuse situation you may wish to contact the police but it is best to leave these situations in the hands of the property manager. Voicing your concern is all you need to do.

You may also be concerned about how to handle the constant fighting when you have kids in the house. After all, as you settle down for an evening movie with your family and you are interrupted by the bickering screams of your neighbors, your kids are probably going to wonder if this is normal. Try to get rid of the sounds as much as possible by shutting the doors and windows and turning up the movie. Explain the situation to your kids and let them know that this is not appropriate even for adults.

It can be hard dealing with neighbors that constantly fight. You may find that your evening meals are interrupted, that you cannot sleep without hearing someone yell across the hall or that your kids are picking up bad habits because of it. This can be very problematic. Talk to your neighbor about it and if this doesn't work, rely on your landlord. This is often a situation best left to the manager.

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