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There is nothing worse than coming home to your home or loft apartment from a long day at work to realize that your beloved dog is not where he should be. Dogs run away all the time and for several different reasons – they could be misbehaving; they could be afraid; they could be trying to find you; they could be chasing a bird. Whatever the reason why your dog has run away all pet owners will want the same outcome – their dog to return home safe and sound.

Finding a Lost Dog

There are several different things you can do when it comes to finding a lost pet. Perseverance and patience are two big parts to dealing with a runaway dog as is a bit of luck. You need to hope that someone has found your lost pet and has reported it or is looking for a way to contact the owner and return your pet. Unfortunately, this is not always the outcome.

There are people out there that will steal missing pets and keep them as their own, especially if your dog is a loveable and friendly one. There is also always the chance that your little buddy could be hit by a car or put in the line of danger in some other way (eaten by an animal, bitten by a snake, etc). Although no one wants to think this has happened to their pet, it is important to understand that bad things like this do happen all the time and it is not your fault.

The best way to handle a runaway dog is to do everything in your power to find her. Ask friends and neighbors to help with the search. Walk, run, bike or drive your normal walking routes; check the parks that she plays in; knock on doors to see if anyone has seen her. Call her name, whistle and try to make as much noise as you can. There is a good chance that your lost dog wants to come home but simply cannot find her way.

Getting a Dog to Return Home

In addition to starting a search party, you can also put up posters of your missing pet in the neighborhood and at the local shops. If your dog has hidden under someone’s patio or taken up residence in their garden, then, with a bit of luck, they may be able to contact you. Make sure you have a photo of your dog, your contact name and details and any identifying features on your dog (a collar, a white patch of fur, a microchip in the ear, etc).

Contact the local council as well as the RSPCA to see if anyone has reported a lost dog. If your dog has been lost for longer than a week, there is a good chance that she will end up at the pound. You will need to pay to get her out but most pet owners are happy to pay the small fee to have their puppy back home safe and sound.

Finally, when it comes to dealing with a runaway dog it is important to keep calm and positive. If you have younger children then they will probably be devastated about what has happened. Let them know that dogs run away all the time and that many find their way home. Make sure your dog always wears a collar with your name and number on the tag as well as any tags given to you by the local council. By doing this, you are giving your dog the best chance to be found and to return home to her family.

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