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Noisy neighbors can make your peaceful living situation a nightmare. Most of us battle annoying noises on a daily basis, whether it the blaring horn on your morning commute, the shrieking sounds of your children or the giggling gossip of the gaggle of coworkers. We all want to come home to a nice and quiet place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of serenity. However, this can be made impossible when your neighbor is constantly yelling, partying, vacuuming, mowing or making a lot of racket for no apparent reason.

The Noise Factor

The first thing to understand when it comes to dealing with noisy neighbors is that some noise is unavoidable, especially if you are living in a close area such as an apartment building. A screaming newborn, for example, is not going to stop crying simply because you voice your concerns. A late night complex pool party, however, can be stopped, especially if it is out of control. A dog that barks when his owner comes home is expected; a dog that barks at all hours of the night is a problem. Mowing the lawn at midday is perfectly fine; however, cutting down trees at 5 am is not.

There are a number of ways to deal with noisy neighbors, most of which are bad ideas. Posting a rude status update on Facebook, for example, won’t do you much good. Blasting your own music will most likely annoy everyone in the building and make you look like the bad guy. Putting earphones in and sucking it up can help for a short period of time but you cannot do this forever. Complaining to the landlord may be an option but first and foremost, you should speak to your neighbor about the problem. Confrontation is usually unavoidable when it comes to dealing with noisy neighbors.

Noise Complaint Etiquette

Politely talk to your neighbor about your noise concerns. Some neighbors are actually unaware that their voice is an octane too loud or that their vacuum sounds like a freight train every morning at 6am. Explain your situation: you need to get up in the morning; you have children that are trying to sleep; you are only one wall away. The main thing to remember is to be polite – a demanding, sarcastic, rude or condescending tone of voice is not going to get you anywhere.

If your neighbor is still carrying on at all hours of the night then you may have to make a return visit, this time with the lease agreement. Most leasing agreements have a noise clause. Point the noise restrictions out to your neighbor and ask him again to keep the volume down. If he is still making a lot of noise, speak to your landlord about it. Sometimes you will need to call in the authorities to stop the problem. Your landlord may have to pull out the big guns (eviction) in order to get the message across.

You do not want to start a neighborhood war over a noise complaint; however, it is also not fair that you have to live with someone else’s disrespectful behavior. When it comes to dealing with noisy neighbors you need to remember that some noise is bound to happen, especially when living in an apartment building. While some of the noise you hear is none of your business, such as a crying baby or the late night sounds of passion, if the noise is avoidable, goes on for a long period of time and is disturbing your peace, then you have the right to voice your concerns.

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