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Your landlord has the right to know certain things about how you are treating the house; however, there is a fine line between being a good landlord and being a nosey landlord. If your landlord has crossed this line there are a few things you can do to rectify the situation without coming off as rude and inconsiderate.

Unacceptable Landlord Behavior

While your landlord may have the key to your house and control over your lease application this does not mean he can come and go as he likes. Barging into your house unannounced is not allowed. Furthermore, snooping around while you are not home is also against the rules. If your landlord would like to check something out, then he should contact you and get permission before simply wandering in and out of the apartment. Even if he does own it, this is part of the lease agreement.

If your landlord is coming and going as he wants, then you have the right to complain. Talk to him about it and ask him if he wouldn't mind waiting until you are home to come in. This is an invasion of privacy. If the situation doesn't stop, you may want to contact a property management company or a real estate lawyer to report the situation.

Most landlords are not this drastic. However, they can still be nosey without breaking the law. Constant telephone calls, knocks on the door and enquiries in the hallway can get annoying quite quickly.

Talking to a Landlord

In most instances your landlord means well and is just trying to be friendly. If your landlord lives upstairs or in the same building then it might be hard not to hear your telephone conversations or yelling matches with your spouse. They may only be asking you questions because they are genuinely concerned. If this is the case, politely let them know that everything is fine and that you will try to keep it down so that your affairs do not bother others in the building. They may get the hint that these matters are private, even though the walls are paper thin.

There are a lot of different complaints tenants have about their landlords. Some are too attentive; others are not attentive enough. Some are overly friendly; others are not friendly enough. Having a landlord that is a little on the nosey side is not the worst that can happen. If they are constantly hanging around you then you will easily have the opportunity to report anything that is broken and needs to be fixed. This can be a blessing in disguise, especially if you have a landlord that seems to do the disappearing act as soon as the lease has been signed.

Letting your landlord politely know that you prefer to live your life privately is the easiest way to address the issue without stepping on any toes. Explain that you are a very private person and not used to the attention. Thank your landlord for their attentive but explain to them that this is not what you normally expect from a tenant-landlord relationship. Hopefully they will get the hint and back off.

If your landlord continues to be in your face and in your affairs even after you have spoken to them about it, then you may choose not to re-negotiate the lease after it is up. After all, the apartment and the landlord come as a packaged deal in most instances. When it comes to dealing with a nosey landlord it's important to pick your battles and look for the positives. Sure, they may be in your face but at least they are around.

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