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During the spring and summer months you may notice that your house is starting to look like a pet parlor. This is because as the temperatures begin to rise, your dog and cat will start to shed their warm winter coats. All this excess fur will inevitably make its way onto your floors, into your beds, on your desk, and everywhere else where your pets lounge. Dealing with pet hair removal is a part of owning a pet but there are ways to reduce the fur and to keep your home clean during this tedious process.

Why Remove Pet Fur

One of the reasons why you need to do something about this pet hair build up is that if you are renting then you could be risking your pet deposit by letting your pets shed all over the place. While it is not their fault and it is a natural part of their life cycle, you should take the necessary precautions and procedures to eliminate pet fur build up now to ensure you receive your pet deposit back when the time comes to move out.

Furthermore, many people do not realize they are allergic to pet fur until they are living all around it. If your pet isn't usually one to shed then all it may take to keep the house clean is a vacuum every once and a while. However, when pet fur is building up, it can go into all those cracks and crevices in your home including under the bed, behind the curtains and on windowsills and blinds. Avoid the risk of allergens and problems for your family and friends that visit by getting rid of any pet fur as best as you can.

Removing Pet Fur

One option you have is to limit the amount of time your pet spends inside the house. This will reduce the amount that he sheds on your furniture and on your floors. Furthermore, reduce any time of physical activity and petting to outside as this is often when your pet will shed the most.

Another option you have is to brush your pet often. Find a place where you don't mind there being a lot of dog fur, such as outside on your lawn, and give your pet a nice rub down once a day. You can purchase specialty brushes for dogs and cats or you may be happy to just use an old one lying on the floor. You can also purchase specialty gloves that work as a brush but make it more like a pat for your pooch which can feel better for dogs that don't like the brushing sensation.

You will also find that you will need to use your vacuum cleaner a lot more often than during the cooler months. However, with regular vacuuming you can remove most of the pet hair. At the end of the season if you have carpets and your pets do spend a lot of time inside, then it may be worth your while to invest in a steam cleaner or hire one and do it yourself. This can be fairly cheap and an efficient way to remove the pet hair.

Dealing with pet hair removal is a natural part of being a pet owner. While it can be annoying and time consuming, you want to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. Most pets love the feeling of being brushed so take this time t bond with your pet all the while helping them remain clean and shiny throughout the summer months.

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