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You can’t choose your neighbors which means there is a good chance that you may not like the people that are living next door, across the street or down the hall from you. Dealing with rude neighbors is all part of renting any apartment or house – you just never know what you are going to get. If you are lucky enough to live around courteous and kind people, then count your lucky stars. If not, then read on to discover the tricks to dealing with rude neighbors.

Rude Neighborhood Behavior

Rude behavior can encompass a wide variety of things. Walking around without clothes on, leaving beer bottles and cigarette butts outside where people can see them, talking loudly and rudely, getting into loud arguments at night, keeping the yard untidy, letting their dog run wild, not cleaning up snow and ice on walkways, and listening to music too loudly are all considered rude to most people. However, how much rude behavior you can handle will depend on the kind of person you are and how close you are located to the rude neighbor in question.

When dealing with rude neighbors you have three main options: you can ignore it; you can speak to them about it; or you can move. If you are living in an apartment you also have the option of speaking to your landlord about the rude neighbor in question. Your landlord will be able to talk to him and get him to stop. If he refuses to stop his rude behavior, then your landlord may need to evict him. This, however, is not your decision.

Talking to your Rude Neighbor

If you cannot stand the rude behaviors any longer then talk to your neighbor about it. There is a good chance that he may not even realize that you are upset by his behavior. He may not realize that you can see him walking around in the buff every day or he may not think his music is up too loudly. Perhaps he doesn’t know that is dog does his ‘business’ on your yard every night or that his garbage pile is attracting raccoons, rats and other rodents to the street. Let him know in a polite, respectful and courteous manner.

If the rude behavior continues or if your neighbor is rude about your request to stop then you will probably be quite angry about it. Unfortunately, some people are just rude and there isn’t much you can do about it. While you can rage on and start a neighbor war, this will not really accomplish anything except making everyone on the street or in the complex uncomfortable.

You may decide to move on and move out at the end of your lease agreement if you really cannot stand the person. After all, coming home to a place that makes your frustrated and angry is not really worth it. You may want to look for a different rental house or unit somewhere else if it is negatively impacting your entire outlook on life.

If your neighbor is not breaking the law or breaking the lease agreement in any way, then you can’t really do much about it. They have the right to be naked in their own home, even if you have to see it; they have the right to not mow their lawn if they own the house. Focus on avoiding your neighbor as much as possible and understand that sometimes you will run into people that you cannot stand – this is all about of life. How you choose to deal with rude neighbors separates the good people from the bad.

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