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Decorating a loft apartment can be challenging but exciting. Like when landscaping a rental home, you will have only a small space but this does not mean you only have a small selection of options. The good thing about living in a loft apartment is that there is a lot of open space; what you choose to do with this space is entirely up to you.

Setting up your Furniture

While you may prefer to keep your loft apartment space completely open and make one giant living area, most people will opt for a more organized approach to loft apartment decoration and will opt to make individual living spaces out of the larger space. For example, by positioning your bed in the corner and using a treasure chest or vanity mirror to ‘close’ this space in, you can make a bedroom. By sectioning off the main living area with an L-couch and adding a television and cabinet, you will have your living room area. By placing a small table and two chairs near the kitchen, you can make your personal dining space and by positioning your desk in the corner with a bookshelf tilted away from the other ‘rooms’, you can also have a private office. All of a sudden your loft apartment is four different living spaces all in one.

It can be quite easy to go overboard with your loft apartment decoration and want too much for the tiny space. You may need to get rid of some of your furniture that does not fit in your living space. You may need to use your lounge room as your kitchen as well and eat on the coffee table. Or, if you have a balcony and live in a warmer area, you could use your patio as our al fresco dining area and decorate it a table, chairs and candles for outdoor lighting.

Loft Decoration Ideas

How you choose to decorate your loft and how you choose to set up the furniture will depend on your own personal style. You may opt for a bold décor and stick to black and white furniture with a splash of red, green or blue here and there. You may want to include old photographs by black and white movies as part of the wall décor in your living room area and add black and white patterned wall decals to the wall above your bedroom. Top your bed with a bold printed black and white quilt cover and look for an area rug that matches these color choices.

Another option you can choose is to stick to a lighter feel and use a wide range of pastels and other light colored prints for your home. Add candle holders to the walls as well as framed photos of beaches, waterfalls and other natural elements. Find a light quilt cover in shades of greens, blues and turquoise and look for a centerpiece for the kitchen table that matches this.

Play around with your palette and your decoration options. You can easily find accessories such as wall art, candle holders, photo frames, lamps, table runners and place mats for decorating a loft apartment. Top off your loft apartment decoration with an area rug for the living room as well as a few pillows to add some flair to your couch. Look for homewares sales at any department or home ware shop and experiment with what options you have. Even if you are living in a small space such as a loft apartment, you have a large range of choices – take advantage of this by shopping around and personalizing your home.

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