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Among the events that parents of a new baby boy or girl tend to look forward to, the first birthday party is one of the most anticipated. A family's celebration of this precious milestone will probably rank with first Christmas or Hannukah, the child's first backyard egg hunt, even the child's first day attending school. All of these culturally beloved firsts offer parents an opportunity to reflect on the many changes their young son or daughter has been through, and to celebrate the child's progress and newness. Because a first birthday usually carries such significant emotional weight, many parents try to showcase the event's importance through means such as decoration.

Like when throwing a shower, when you are preparing yourself to decorate for the celebration of your infant officially becoming a one-year-old, you should try to keep matters of practicality in mind. Sometimes, this is more difficult than it sounds, particularly when you're inundated with bright images of cartoon characters and other party themes every time you walk into a supermarket. While you will naturally wish to adorn your residence in a way that reflects the significance of what you are celebrating, especially when pictures and video footage will be taken, you should also account for the age (and inexperience when it comes to handling decorations respectfully) of your probable party guests.

Age Appropriate Decorations

One factor that should be considered when festooning your home for the festivity is the average age of your expected party attendee. If your child is enrolled in daycare, a nursery program at church or another community organization, or simply if you have friends and family members with young children, you may have many guests around the same age as your child. If you will indeed find yourself hosting a fidgeting, smiling, babbling group of youngsters, your stylistic choices will probably differ somewhat from those for a party mostly attended by older relatives and neighbors.

Young children will not be particularly impressed by handmade, specially sown, or otherwise customized wall hangings and party favors. The preferred decorative staple at this age is normally either a popular cartoon character or a certain fun theme, such as pirates, princesses, or aliens. While many parents want to do something special and unique at this stage, such efforts may possibly be better appreciated down the line. For the time being, the standard-issue paper plates, paper cups, and simple party favors that come with most theme-centric party packs will probably keep your younger guests satisfied, and will equate to quick and simple clean up.

Decorating Your Home's Exterior

You can also have some fun sprucing up the outside of your home in anticipation of your son or daughter's big day. Many parents will hang a sign that coordinates with any theme supplies on the door or mailbox to announce and emphasize the celebration. If you're fond of the idea of having your child participate in some way, you may consider making your own banner for the front door. This is an idea that works well for party days that will entail clear skies with virtually no chance of rain.

If this applies to you, you could make a door banner from a length of butcher paper or newsprint, allowing your child to help decorate. Your (newly) one-year-old's artistic input will probably lean toward minimalist style at this point, but any crayon scribbles, hand prints, or swipes of finger paint will be treasured by you and adored by your guests. Decorating for a first birthday party can be especially rewarding when you find a way of involve the child you are celebrating.

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