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Having a spare room in your large family house is always a bonus. However, you may actually be surprised at how easily this spare room becomes a junk room if you are not careful. It is a good idea to decide on what you want your bonus room to be and then decorate it accordingly before you let your items pile up. Or else, your bonus room will be nothing but a big waste of space and an excuse as to why you have not properly de cluttered your house and gotten rid of those items that are just wasting space.

Bonus Guest Rooms

So what should you do with your bonus room? This depends on what you like as well as your living situation. One option is to make your bonus room into a guest room. If you have people coming to stay with you often, then this is a good idea. That way you don't have to pull out the camping mattress anytime there are visitors. You can simply guide them into their own bonus space.

To decorate a guest room you will need a bedside table and a bed. You may wish to include a chair for sitting as well as some drawers to put your items but this depends entirely on you and your budget. You can decorate your bonus guest room anyway you wish. Many guests' rooms are quite floral with vibrant colors but you can also stick to something a little edgier such as a room with black and white sheets and covers with a splash of red in the pillows or throws.

Another way to decorate a bonus room is to make it into another space for you to enjoy. You may wish to convert it into an office or another sitting space. If you don't have a lot of room, then having your own area to escape into is always a good idea. If you are making the spare room into an office you may wish to have a desk as well as a filing cabinet for all those important files such as insurance papers, telephone bills, passports and tax returns.

Home Gyms and Play Rooms

A home gym is also a popular option for a space room. To decorate a gym you should invest in some equipment, rather it is a treadmill, an abs roller, a spin bike or weights. Look into a cheap yoga mat for stretches and floor work and add a laundry basket in the corner for your dirty towels. You can also put in a stereo or even a television if you need some motivation to work out. Make sure you have a fan going and that the windows are open or that you have the air conditioning running as you will get quite sweaty after a good workout. Add some colorful motivational pictures to the wall or get some art wall stickers in bright colors.

If you have children in the house then many parents will agree that the best decorating ideas for a bonus room is to let the children have free range of this space. Instead of having their toys all over your living room and sitting area, make the bonus room their toy space. They can play in there and take out toys, one at a time. Teach them that at the end of the day, all the toys go to the spare room. Let them decorate the walls with fun wall stickers or pictures and paintings that they have created. You can get colorful frames in bright greens, pinks and reds designed for children's art work.

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