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Decorating with a roommate allows you to mix your creative styles together to create a unique interior décor that complements the both of you. However, when it comes to decorating with a roommate there is also always the chance of a complete décor clash which can result in hurt feelings, anger and resentment. Whether you have known your roommate for months, weeks or years, it is important that you sit down and discuss your décor ideas before buying any items or nailing any art work pieces to the wall.

Decorating Together

One way to decorate your home with a roommate is to brainstorm. Think of color schemes and themes that will work with what you already own. Perhaps you and your roommate both have a lot of green and blue items, from candle holders to fluffy pillows. If so, then maybe consider a beach day trip or under the sea theme for your living room with natural colors. You can blow up a picture of a beach to hang on the wall and add some seashells to a vase to make a festive centerpiece for the coffee table.

Or perhaps you notice that a lot of your items are black and white. This is another excellent color scheme for the living area. Look for a bold printed area rug to add to the dynamics of the room and add an element of class to the walls by investing in black and white photos in bulky black frames. Work with the items that she owns, from white silk curtains and a lamp as well as the items you own such as a funky white boa and a black throw to add to the living room sofas.

Bring out items that you really love, from art work or photo colleges, from pieces of furniture to accessories and see what will work with your themes. Don’t be surprised or upset if your roommate opts to keep some items in your own room. You will probably want her to do the same with some of her wacky (and tacky) pieces. Be honest and upfront with how you feel about the items. Keep in mind that even if you are not thrilled with the piece, you may have to compromise. As long as you don’t hate the item (and cringe every time you see it), then there is no reason why it cannot stay in the living area.

Decorating Separate Spaces

When you decorate with a roommate you will probably have the kitchen, the bathroom and the living room to decorate together. Many people will choose to keep the bathroom and kitchen fairly basic and use most of their creative talent on the living room. If you and your roommate really cannot agree, you can also split up the rooms so you each decorate a different area of the house.

Furthermore, most roommates will decorate their own bedrooms as they see fit. If you have a fetish for a rock star you may want to keep your shrine to him in your own room. If you love photos of babies dressed up like flowers, then this is also something that may be best left for your bedroom, especially if your roommate does not share this same adoration. Additional bedroom accessories may include any intimate photos of your family or loved ones as well as any cherished items that you don’t want to risk being broken.

However you decide upon decorating with roommates for your home, either together or separately, have fun with the living space. Let your true colors shine through and work together to create an interior space that is both comfortable and creative.

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