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Happy Birthday to your little princess! To throw a perfect princess party for your special little gal you will need to do a little bit of planning and preparations. Fortunately 'princess themed' birthday parties are quite common and popular among little girls aged three to ten so you are in luck. Finding or making decorations for a princess party can be done in a number of different ways. The key is to find decorations that are within your budget, particularly if you need a grace period on the rent.

Princess Party Decorations

Any themed birthday party requires similar decorations and items, just in that particular theme. Make a list of the items that you will need to make your princess party perfect. This may include invitations and goody bags, balloons, crepe paper, banners, a piñata, a birthday cake, tablecloths, paper plates and cups, streamers and anything else you can think of. Of course, you may not need all of these items but all of these are common for birthday parties of all ages.

Many princess themed parties will stick to pink and purple decorations, common 'princess colors.' However, there are other options for color choices including yellow and oranges. When you are decorating for a princess party you should try to stick to two or three main colors. If you cannot find 'princess' balloons or if these specialty balloons are out of your budget, then you can always stick to standard balloons in pink and purple. This is also true to crepe paper and other decorative items.

You may wish to start your search at a party specialty store, a craft store or even your local Costco or grocery store where you can find the party aisle and look around. If you are a little concerned about the costs, only select a few items. You can also make your own decorations by searching online for easy craft and birthday decorations.

One good decorative item perfect for a princess themed party is construction paper rings, which can be used as banners. All you need to make these rings are construction paper in pink and purple, scissors to cut the paper into thin strips and staples to staple the paper into ringed shapes together. This is a great craft to do and your little princess will even love helping out with this fun princess decoration.

Disney Princess Parties

Another common type of princes themed parties are 'Disney Princesses.' Of course, when you do go Disney you can expect to pay a lot more simply for the brand name and commercialization of it. You can find napkins, plates, goody bags and even banners that feature one Princess as well as several of the famous ladies all together. Many cake shops will offer 'Disney Princess' cakes or you may wish to make one by yourself. You can choose from a wide range of Princesses from Jasmine to Cinderella, from Sleeping Beauty to Snow White.

An additional element of fun that you can add to your Disney Princess theme is dress up. You can find costumes of most of the popular Disney princesses. Ask the guests to dress up as their favorite Princess and think of different games that incorporate their new persona for the day.

Decorations for a princess party can easily get out of hand and you may find that you could spend several hundreds of dollars at the end of the day. This is why it is important to set a budget and stick to it. Select only the basic necessities and improvise with making your own decorations to cut down on some of the costs without cutting out the element of fun.

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