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Your landlord is responsible for a lot of things. One of the things that he may need to do is the yardwork. However, this will depend on what is written in your lease agreement. In many instances you will be responsible for keeping the yard clean, mowing and tending to the garden. This is something you need to discuss with your landlord ahead of time to avoid any conflicts down the road.

Landlords Being In Charge

One of the problems with landlords and yardwork is that if they are responsible for it, they often will not do a good enough job. There is not a lot of incentive to mow someone else's lawn and to spend time off tending to the gardens of a house you are not living in. However, if it is written in the agreement that this is the landlord's responsibility, then this has to be done by him.

If he is not pulling his weight and you cannot stand the sight of a messy lawn any longer, be a good neighbor and ask him if he would prefer you hire someone to do the work for him and then take it out of the rent. He may not be too impressed with this idea but it might get him to start acting instead of being lazy about it. He might even look at hiring his own landscaper to come to the house and do the yardwork once a month which means you get a cleaner yard without having to deal directly with your landlord on a regular basis.

Getting Permission for Yardwork Projects

Another concern when it comes to landlords and yardwork is getting permission to do something in particular to the yard. You may want to put in a garden or take out a tree that continues to drop leaves into the pool. However, you cannot do this without first speaking to your landlord about it. If you want to do something big with the yard then talk to him. Have a plan in action and go to him with it. He may be happy to let you go nuts or he may be reserved about the idea. This all depends on his personality.

At the end of the day it is his yard and thus you need to respect his wishes. However, if he is suggesting that you put in the hard yards and make the yard perfect when this is not in the lease agreement, then you have the right to say something about it. This can be a tricky situation to deal with as both of you have something invested in the lawn.

In many instances neither one of you is going to be in the right. It will be all about compromise. Why not work together to do the yardwork before you move in and give the house a perfect clean? Or, why not ask your landlord to come and help while you install a garden or cut down the tree so he can supervise and ensure that everything runs smoothly?

Talking to your landlord about yardwork, whether it is about his lack of assisting you or whether you want to get the go ahead for a particular landscaping idea, is easy enough to do. Just bring up the situation with your landlord the next time you talk to him. Make sure you are polite and friendly about it and offer to listen to his ideas and contributions so you can come up with a solution that everyone is happy with.

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