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On any yard there is a fine line between when your yard ends and when the neighbor's yard begins, even if you and your neighbor happen to be neighborhood friends. Having a property boundary war is never pleasant and but might be something you need to bring up if there is a problem. If a retaining wall is falling down, for example, then you will need to do who is responsible for fixing it. If there is a patch of land above, you will need to know who is responsible for mowing it and who owns it. Finding out the details on your rental property boundaries is a good thing for all new renters to consider.

Discussing Property Lines with Neighbors

Property disputes with neighbors should be discussed like mature adults. You can get to the bottom of any real problem by discussing it and deciding what to do about it. Pick a time when you are both not busy to sit down and go over the problems. Give your neighbor a chance to explain his side of things and try to see things from both points of view.

Some property disputes will not come to a solution just by talking and thus you might need to go the extra step and get some extra advice from an expert. Knowing the truth behind the property lines is a good way to know who is responsible for what. It can also give you a better idea of what to do next.

Getting Advice on Property Boundaries

The first person you should ask about property boundaries is your landlord. They may have the markings of the house and property or they may at least be able to access this information. As a renter you will probably have trouble coming up with this information on your own. Inform your landlord about what has happened and what you want to achieve by finding out the property boundaries.

The local council may also be able to help you out with property disputes with neighbors. You will need to find the right phone number and discuss getting the blue prints. They should be able to give you the information for free but often you need to be the homeowner to get any real answers. Hopefully it will not resort to this and you can simply get the information from your landlord.

Another thing you can do is contact a surveyor to come in and look at the yard. They will be able to tell you where the property line and is who owns what. A surveyor will probably cost money unless you know them and they are happy to come over and say hello and have a look while they are there. However, in most instances, using their services will cost you money. It can also give you an accurate idea of the property boundaries including blue prints which will give you the ammunition you need to fight back against your neighbors.

In some instances there may not be able disputes about the property boundaries. Your neighbor may be happy to mow the lawn, even though your garden is on it. You may be happy to share the front yard grass where the two homes meet and there may never be a fencing or retaining wall issue.

However, if something does come up and you find yourself disputing property boundaries with neighbors, your best defense is the truth. Find out the property boundary laws by speaking to the council, your landlord or a surveyor. It is worth the time and effort to get it right.

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