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Throwing a party and want to give it that unique personal edge? Then you can't go past the party invitations. One of the fun things about hosting a party is planning for it, after carefully reading about unlawful policies at your complex, and party invitations are right up there on your list. If you are looking for a way to showcase your party and invite your guests, then look into do it yourself invitations which combine the information you need to rely to your guests in an edgy way. You can make DIY invitations as crafty or as basic as you like depending on your time, your skill level and your party theme.

Party Invitation Themes

So what options do you have when it comes to DIY party invitations? Essentially, the sky is the limit. The first thing you need to think about is the occasion. Why are you throwing the party in the first place? Is it a bridal shower party, a baby shower, a birthday, a fourth of July barbeque, a reunion, a surprise work party, a going away party, a wedding reception or anything else?

Once you know what type of party you are having you will have a better idea of who the guests will be. You can expect to have different invitations for different events and how creative you get will ultimately depend on how many invites you need to make. If you are catering to children then the craftier, the better. If you are catering to adults, then you may wish to make it simple yet elegant with only a small pressed flower or design in the corner.

If you are planning a party with 200 guests or more then it might be easier to create a DIY template and then have a copier service do the rest. Or, you may wish to choose a photo invitation and make up several of them at your local photograph shop. This is a good option as you are still getting a do it yourself feel with a personalized photo but without all the hard work involved.

Next, it's time to pick a theme for the party. Once you have a theme you can easily think of party favors, including invitations in that particular theme. For example, let's say you are hosting a birthday bash for your four year old and the theme she wants is fairies. Hit the craft shop and pick up some feathers and glitter in pink and purple. Add a small feather to each invitation and sprinkle such 'fairy dust' on the invitations to really highlight the theme of the big day.

Email Invitation Options

Another option is it comes to do it yourself invitation are e-invites or invitations that are sent through email instead of regular mail. If you have a lot of friends that are constantly online and able to check their email messages then this is a good option. There are several companies online that offer free email invitations where you can design the invitation based on your theme (wedding, birthday, retro bash, etc) and then send invitations to your guest list.

You can add details including time, date, place as well as anything else you want. You can even make invitations that include a small photo album or even little video with some online websites. These cyber do it yourself invitations can be done quite fast but they do lack the personal feel and are not quite as exciting to open as actual invitations sent through the mail. However, if you are strapped for cash and time, then this is something that might appeal to you for your party invitation needs.

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