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Not every neighborhood is dog friendly but many are. As a dog owner, it is your mission to find places where you and your dog can get out and socialize with others. Dog parks are an easy answer but there are additional options for dog owners looking for ways to enjoy the company of their pet outside the four walls of their home.

Finding Dog Friendly Areas

One place to look for dog friendly areas in your neighborhood is a pet store. Most pet stores allow you to bring your pet inside and can help you determine if there are any dog friendly cafes or restaurants in the area. Many cafes will allow you to sit outside with your dog and enjoy a cup of Joe while there are even some dog-cafes that service doggie biscuits as well as lattes for the owners. This is a great way to get out and meet other people that also have a love for dogs. It also allows your dog to get outside, socialize and see the sights which can help him adjust into a happier pet.

Dog friendly parks are also incredibly important for your pet. However, make sure your dog is fully vaccinated, fleas and de-wormed as dog parks often carry diseases. Local dog parks are often off leash parks where your dog can run freely in the company of other dogs. The park is usually gated and may include obstacles, a watering fountain and doggy bags to clean up after your pet.

Dog Friendly Activities

In addition to dog parks, there are other outdoor activities to enjoy with your dog. Dogs love to frolic on the beach. If you live close to a beach then there is usually one section reserved for dogs and their masters. Let your dog lap in the water and dig in the sand for an afternoon. He may come back a little dirty but he will be happier than ever.

Look for bike trails and running trails that let dogs come along (most do!). Running with a dog is not only great for him but it can also keep you safe from animals and strangers you may meet along the path. If you cannot run, then walking will do just fine. Look for hikes and other paths to explore with your pet by checking the local library, book store and internet for local trails in your area.

Regardless of where you and your pet enjoy the day make sure you always follow the dog-owner etiquette. Rule number one is simple – clean up after your pet. Dogs are bound to go to the toilet on your run or in the park so bring a long a few extra doggy bags just in case.

Rule number two is this: always have your dog on a leash in a public area. Even if your dog is completely trained and tame, young children and some adults are terrified of dogs, especially larger ones and may make a huge scene if yours tries to lick his foot or sniff around them. Avoid any dramas by keeping your dog on a leash when out and about.

Doing outdoor activities with your dog is an excellent way to keep your pet happy, healthy and well adjusted. It is also a great way to bond with your pet and enjoy each other’s company. Try to include your dog on family activities by choosing dog friendly areas in your neighborhood for picnics and letting him come for walks with you to the corner store. A happy dog is a dog that is part of the family in every way possible.

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