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Parents know how easily kids go through clothes, especially in the first couple years of life. You may find that there are some outfits you were given that you didn't even get a chance to put on your newborn before he outgrew it. When you have finished having children and your babies are all grown up, then you may wonder what to do with those drawers full of baby clothing. You can't bring yourself to throwing them out but you don't have any reason to keep them. So why not give them away?

One of the options you have is to give away your bag of old baby clothes to a second hand store or a charity. This is a great way to help out those in need but it means that you will never actually get to know where your old items have gone. If you would like to keep your old clothes a little closer to home then you can donate the items to someone you know, maybe a kid you know is having a birthday soon and this will help to keep a low budget for the birthday party.

If you notice that one of the ladies in your complex or on your street is having a baby then why not give the bag of clothes to her? This is a great way to get to know your neighbor and show that you really care. You can expect your neighbor to be incredibly grateful for the clothes and will most likely want to reciprocate in some way. However, perhaps the best thing about giving baby clothes to an expectant neighbor is that you get to see your child's lovely little items have a second chance to be worn.

Donating and Selling Baby Clothes

When you are donating clothes to a neighbor or a friend it is a good idea to give the items a wash first. If your kids are now 5 or older then there is a good chance these items have been sitting in the closet or in storage bins for several years. Stick them in the washing machine and let them have a good soak. Then fold them up for the very last time and deliver them to your neighbor.

Of course, if you are not ready to simply give your clothes away you do have other options. You may wish to hold a garage sale and focus on baby and kid items. That way you can get rid of the infant clothes as well as any furniture, rockers, bouncers and toys that your children have grown out of. You can expect your pregnant neighbor to probably make an appearance as well as several other excited parents-to-be around your neighborhood.

Another option you have if you are not ready to give the items away for free is to try and sell them online through a baby swap or exchange website. There are several second hand baby stores online or you can even advertise through eBay or any other online trading store. Advertise for a bundle of clothing with a certain price tag rather than pricing each item individually. Arrange the clothing into different bundles, such as 10 outfits for newborns, 10 outfits for 3-6 months and 10 outfits for 6-12 months. Or, arrange the bundles by a certain theme such as 'baby boy animal outfit bundle' or 'baby girl pink and white outfits.'

Donating clothes to an expectant neighbor is a selfless thing to do. Baby clothes can get expensive, especially when buying items new and most babies will outgrow the outfits within a few weeks. However, if you do not know anyone pregnant or want to make a little cash, then look into selling your items second hand.

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