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Donating money to charity is a valiant thing to do. It does not matter how much or how little you have; giving some of it away for a good cause is something that everyone should do. If you do have a little extra saved up and are looking for a way to spend it, think outside your own home, your family and your friend's circle and look to those that could use it more than you. After all, while buying a pair of new shoes may make you feel pretty for one night, it can do so much more when given to a charity.

Charity Donations Needed

The main reason most of us donate to charity is to help with a good cause. Whether this is for research for a disease, relief after a natural disaster, assistance in third world countries or any other type of charity work, you are making a difference in the lives of others. Helping those in need is an important part of human existence and something that will make a difference, if everyone gets involved.

In addition to helping a good cause, donating to a charity can also be written off during tax time. Of course, this is not the main reason you are going to donate but you should keep this in mind when you do your taxes and your accountant asks you about donations. Even small donations can be used to counter your taxes during tax season.

While we all should donate to a charity, it can be a lot easier to say than to do. Most of us do not have several thousands of dollars lying around. Even if you do not have much, every little bit does count. While celebrities may be able to afford to donate a million dollars a year, most of us cannot. Even putting a couple hundred dollars a year into a charity of your choice will do wonders for those that need it.

Choosing a Charity to Support

Choosing which charity to donate to can be difficult as there are countless choices out there, all of which support a good cause. You may wish to choose a charity that is close to your heart in a personal sense or you may wish to go with one that has touched you in another way. For example, you may wish to donate to the American Cancer Society if someone in your family has been affected by cancer or you may wish to donate to the Feed the Children Foundation if you are a parent and cannot stand the thought of a child going hungry. You may wish to donate to several different charities throughout the year or just to one once a year.

Some of the largest charities in the USA include United Way, the Salvation Army, Feed the Children charity and the American Cancer Society. Other large charities in the USA include Gifts in Kind International, AmeriCares, YMCA's in the United States, the American National Red Cross, the Catholic Charities USA and America's Second Harvest. There are several others out there that support disease, drought, illness, suffering, pain and other serious problems that plague our world.

The cold harsh truth is that bad things happen to good people all the time. It's not a child's fault that his mother cannot afford to clothe him; it is not a homeowner's fault that a cyclone came and destroyed every possession he owns. While we cannot stop some events from happening we can band together and help out when they do. This is what donating money to charity is all about.

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