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Dundalk renters insurance is an important method for protecting your belongings in the event of an interior disaster, such as flooding from a broken pipe. At the same time, certain kinds of Maryland natural disasters are also covered through this type of coverage. When it comes to exterior flooding, a basic renters insurance policy in Baltimore does not cover the resulting damage, just as homeowners are required to purchase separate flood riders. Before you sign up for a particular Dundalk renters insurance policy, you should strongly consider adding a flood rider to it, particularly since this Baltimore neighborhood sits near sea level.

General Insurance Coverage

Personal property protection is one of the main reasons why residents in this Maryland neighborhood choose to purchase Dundalk renters insurance. As a renter, you do not get any protection for your belongings from the owner of the home your live in. Although the owner is responsible for keeping your Dundalk home safe to live in, he or she is not directly responsible for the valuables inside of it.

Many Dundalk renters choose to add extra locks and a security system to their homes for added protection. Although this might get you a discount off of your renters insurance policy, such measures only help to protect you against burglaries--and, these methods are not always fool-proof. A Dundalk renters insurance policy can reimburse you for your items that are stolen, even if you had methods in place to help decrease such an incident from occurring in your home.

At the same time, an invasion is not the only type of disaster that can occur in your Dundalk home, which could make you lose your valuables. A severe MD storm could burn out your electronics, or even cause lightning damage to some of the items inside of your home. Fires or internal flooding can also ruin your belongings, making it difficult for you to replace them on your own. Dundalk renters insurance makes being able to replace your valuables possible, as this is something that most people cannot accomplish at the drop of a hat.

Renters Flood Coverage

Dundalk is vulnerable to flooding caused by either storm surge from hurricanes or from excessive rainfall amounts incurred during a flash flood. To make matters worse, the neighborhood sits at sea level and it is flat; if flooding were to occur, the water could sit for several days. Regular Dundalk renters insurance provides interior flooding coverage to its policy holders, as long as the circumstances were accidental. However, you should strongly consider adding a flood rider to your Maryland rental coverage policy in order to cover external flooding.

It is important to understand the distinction between internal and external flooding. Internal flooding is caused by an accident from within the home. A pipe may break, or an appliance that uses water, such as a washing machine, might break down, causing flooding. A basic Dundalk renters policy can cover these events if they were to damage some of your belongings. All you would need to do is file your claim and submit evidence to the Dundalk insurance company for the damages.

External flooding, on the other hand, occurs when water seeps into your house from the outside. The process can occur rapidly, and the end results are often devastating. Just like house insurance doesn't cover external flood damage for homeowners, a MD renters policy does not automatically provide this kind of coverage either. By not having any coverage for external flooding, you are putting your valuables in danger, and setting yourself up for a potential financial disaster.

However, you do have options when you purchase Dundalk renters insurance. When you sign up for a particular Baltimore policy, ask the provider for flood rider options. A rider is a piece of optional protection that is added to your policy. If you were to ever incur damage associated with external flooding, then this type of rider would kick in and help to reimburse you for your losses. Keep in mind that a Dundalk renters insurance company might not automatically offer you a flood rider, so you should ask for it. The amount of coverage you choose depends on your risk level--the insurance representative can help you make this determination based on your location.

Options in Maryland

Adding a flood rider is a viable option for people living in this MD neighborhood, but you should also keep in mind that this will also make your premiums slightly increase. Before adding the rider, ensure that you can afford the policy in its entirety first. There might also be discounts you are eligible for, which can decrease your overall rates. If you do incur any flood damage, you should contact your Dundalk renters insurance company right away. By waiting to make a claim, you can potentially miss the deadline to get any reimbursements.