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Duplexes are generally considered homes or units that have two separate entrances for two different tenants. Most duplexes are side by side but also include two story homes with a complete home on each floor. Duplexes are sometimes referred to as “two family dwelling” and can offer an affordable alternative to a full house. Duplexes are often located in the big cities as well as in the suburbs.

Renting a Duplex Benefits

One of the reasons why duplexes are so popular is because they offer more room than the standard apartment but without the maintenance that comes with renting a single family home. Many duplexes will come with their own separate outdoor area where kids play games, as well as a shared yard. Others, on the other hand, do not have any yard, especially if the home is located on the busy city streets. Either way, duplexes often mean less yard work, mowing and garden maintenance than renting a house.

Another reason why many people prefer to live in a duplex is because of the diverse living space options. While some duplexes are all on one story, most include an upstairs as well as a downstairs. Most will have the bedrooms (usually three) upstairs and the living space downstairs; however, all duplex living spaces are different so be sure to compare your options. A duplex living space is similar to a condo living space and will usually include an entranceway, laundry room, bathroom, stairs to the upstairs rooms, kitchen, dining room, living room and entrance to the back yard or patio. This means there are plenty of opportunities in terms of decorating your duplex.

Living Space in Duplexes

When renting a duplex you need to remember that what the landlord says goes. When you are decorating you need to get the go ahead to poke halls in the walls, hang up pictures, artwork and shelves and to change any wall color. You also need to consult your landlord if you plan on getting a pet. Keep the communication lines open with your landlord at all times to ensure a good relationship. That way, if something ever does go wrong in your duplex, such as a burst pipe or an electrical problem, there will be no problems getting him over to help you out.

Another thing you will need to consider when it comes to living in a duplex are the people on the other side of the wall. Although a duplex is its own house, there is still an element of ‘apartment’ living. You need to be respectful when it comes to sharing the wall with your neighbor. Try to keep the noise down to a minimum and think about what you put in the room that shares the same wall. Perhaps your child’s drum set can find a home elsewhere. It is a good idea to introduce yourself to your new neighbors and maintain a friendly relationship. If you ever go away on holiday they are a good choice to gather your mail and water your house plants. After all, they are only a wall away.

Duplexes are popular with renters of all ages from students to singletons, from retirees to couples with young families. There are plenty of decorating options available and as well as living space choices. Some duplexes come with a large open living plan while others offer smaller, tighter rooms. When looking into rental properties, be sure to check out the various duplexes spaces that are offered. You may be pleasantly surprised how spacious, affordable and accommodating they can be.

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