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East Carolina University Off Campus Housing

East Carolina University off campus housing can make you feel like much more of an adult. As you work through your East Carolina University college years, it can be harder to tolerate living in residence halls. You get to a point where the rules and regulations are something you have outgrown. So, you feel ready to hurry up and move to ECU off campus housing.

There should be no major difficulty in moving to off campus housing in Greenville. Many East Carolina University students do it every year, so there are plenty of places to count on for affordable off campus housing rentals geared toward a student's budget and lifestyle. While living at East Carolina University off campus housing is going to be more expensive than a residence hall, you can probably look to save money by starting your off campus housing life off in Greenville with roommates.

This will make attending classes at East Carolina University convenient. Maybe you and your roommates can work out a carpool situation to save on time and money spent getting from your NC apartment to the main campus. Plus, having the ECU off campus housing experience shared with fellow East Carolina University students can make it even better. Your time spent living independently in NC off campus housing can provide you with many memories for years to come.

Plus, living at off campus housing can be an educational experience. At some point after you graduate East Carolina University, it will be time to face truly growing up. You will work full time probably and the East Carolina University off campus housing experience will have allowed you a chance to break into a more adult routine which can help when you are transitioning from a college lifestyle to life as a full time employee in your chosen field.

ECU Off Campus Housing Insurance

No matter where you choose to live for your remaining time at East Carolina University, it is important to understand just how much of a responsibility off campus housing will be. Whether you choose to find ECU off campus housing with roommates or not, you will still have many new financial responsibilities to take up when renting an apartment. Besides rent payments, you will need money to pay for electricity, cable, telephone and other utilities depending upon the services provided at the apartment.

The cost of living also includes paying for groceries, gas and, of course, laundry. But one expense which is very important to take on, even though it may seem like it is unnecessary at first, is that of insurance coverage. You will want to insure your East Carolina University off campus housing in case of fire, theft and even against someone getting injured at your home.

The kind of insurance you need is called renter's insurance. It covers your belongings inside the apartment. While it may seem like nothing bad can ever happen to you, there are other reasons why this insurance coverage is so important. The fact is your landlord or management company cannot be turned to in the case of a fire where all of your clothes and computer equipment was destroyed. They are only responsible for repairing the apartment dwelling itself.

Think of just how much stuff you will be moving into your new apartment. It will no doubt be a lot more than you ever had with you in a dormitory room. Now consider the expense of furniture, appliances and other items bought just for the move to the new place. If a fire or theft occurred, those things would be gone. If you relied on them to get by you would need to pay to replace them out of your own pocket.

Finding a Bargain

Renter's insurance helps protect you in other ways, too. For example, you and your roommates have decided to bring a dog to share the new home with you. The dog is never ever a problem, but in one strange incident the dog is gets outside the premises and bites a neighbor. If the bite is serious enough, this could wind up becoming an expense you need to pay for. Dog bite lawsuits are actually very common.

Renter's insurance can help protect you, however, in the event someone else is injured at your apartment. It can seem like a lot of expenses to take on when you rent East Carolina University off campus housing. It may seem like you could not possibly handle paying for renter's insurance, too. Yet, if you compare insurance companies and the rates offered to students for this valuable coverage, you can find a real bargain. Many policies can be had for $10 a month, and that is a small price to pay for the amount of protection this coverage provides.

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