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Looking to do some home improvements to your rental property? The thing about home improvements is that often you will require a professional to help. However, there are some easy maintenance projects that you can do on your own. Just make sure that before you grab a hammer and nail or choose the color of paint for your separated house garage, that you have permission from your landlord. Home improvements and maintenance projects are supposed to better the house but this is only the case is your landlord is on board and is trusting in your ability to get the job done right.

Painting in Rentals

One of the easy maintenance projects that you can do on your own is painting. Touch ups, interior and exterior painting is actually a lot easier than you may think. All you need are a few key tools and you don't need any heavy equipment or machinery.

You don't even need a lot of talent as anyone can paint with the right patience and time on their side. In order to do a good job, however, you need several pieces of equipment including tins of paint, paint brushes of all sizes, rollers, several clean wet clothes to wipe up the spills before they set and drop cloths to place on the floor and near any furniture to protect them from spills. You may also require a ladder or step ladder depending on what you are painting.

The good thing about painting is that you can transform the look of your home in a weekend. A splash of color will brighten up the home and even re touching an area will look brighter and better. Even if you are not changing the color scheme but want to simply go over with the same color, it will make a difference to the freshness of the room.

You can paint more than just the walls in your home. You can paint the baseboards to give them a fresh new look; you can paint the ceiling; you can paint the garage floor to get rid of those oil stains and dirt marks that just won't go. There are several projects around the house where a tin of paint will make a big difference. Just make sure you have your landlord's permission before you start the job.

Another maintenance project you may be able to handle on your own is fixing holes in the wall. Often when you hang a picture and then move it you will have a teeny tiny hole in the wall from the nail. These can look ugly and although they may be small, they are still there.

To fix these holes all you need is some decent plaster. Simply place the plaster in the hole, smooth it down with a spoon or other utensil and wait until it dries. Once dry, sand it down to a smooth surface and paint over it with the same color paint as the well. And voila! No more holes.

Scuff marks are also fairly common in rental properties and luckily you can easily get rid of them with the right product. A magic eraser can work wonders on scuff marks and help get rid of these annoying spots where furniture has hit or where high heels have made an impact on the floor. Magic erasers are not only good for easy maintenance projects you can do on your own but also for every day messes such as mud, crayons and food stuck to the walls and ceiling. And, if you are a parent, you know exactly what we're talking about!

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