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Having an emergency phone number list is important. What this list provides are phone numbers of the people you may need to contact in the case of an emergency. Often we will have a list of important phone numbers on our phone but is this enough? If you are faced with a serious disaster you don't want to spend precious minutes going through your Contacts List or checking the phone book for the number to your doctor. Have these numbers written down ahead of time for the best way to deal with emergencies.

So what numbers should be stored on your emergency phone number list? First of all, take out the phone book and get the list of emergency numbers for police, fire and ambulance. Yes, 911 is the main number but there also numbers of non emergencies, such as reporting a theft. These should be written down on the top of the list as well as the number for poison control.

Numbers Needed for Emergencies

Next, think about the main people that you use. Your childcare centre, the school for your kids, your workplace, your spouse's workplace, your best friend and your family should all have a place on your emergency number list. Furthermore, if your children have any regular activities or play dates, then these numbers should also be added to the list. The name and number of the gymnastics club, the name and number of the woman who watches the kids after school - these are important numbers as well.

You should also have a list of the main people you use for general health services. The name of the hospital and the main switchboard number, any pediatricians, doctors or obstetricians that you use, the name and number of your dentist, optometrist, experienced veterinarian - having these numbers handy makes it easier in the event of an emergency as well as for everyday services.

You should also include your insurance provider's number as well as your policy number on the emergency phone number sheet. In the event that something does happen it is important to contact your renters insurance, car insurance, life insurance, etc provider as soon as possible to ensure the quickest claim process.

The reason you need to have a list of emergency numbers close by is that you never know where everyone could be in the event of an emergency. If your house is on fire then you will want to contact 911 as well as your insurance provider and the gymnastics club to inform them that you may be a little late picking up your daughter. If your pet is hit by a car then you will want the number of your vet handy to call as soon as you find the poor thing.

You should print out your emergency number list and keep it somewhere handy such as by the office or taped to the fridge. You should also have one in your wallet as well as one for your spouse's wallet. Make sure you also include your details such as your cell phone number just in case someone is trying to contact you.

Having all these numbers handy can really make a difference in an emergency situation where you don't really have the time to look around for a particular phone number. Often our minds are not working when you need to think fast and finding these numbers can be a lot harder than it needs to be. Making an emergency phone number list is just one way to make things a little easier if disaster does strike.

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