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Staying energy efficient at home and at the office often mean taking similar steps, such as reducing your water usage. Your mission, whether you are at home or at work is to cut down the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. There are several easy steps to do this without decreasing your productivity or making things harder. In fact you can make things easier and more energy efficient at the same time.

Turning Off the Lights

Keeping the lights on is a big no no at home and at work. While you will need some light to work, you don't need to keep the lights on the break room, the warehouse, the store room and the washroom all day long. These lights only need to be on when someone is actually in there. This is also true at home. When you are at work, none of your lights at home should be on. When you are at home, none of the lights in the office should be on.

Take the time to turn off the lights when you exit a room. Another good tip is to use the natural light from your windows as much as possible. Let the sun shine through during the days in the office and get a boost of vitamins as well as natural light all in one. This can make the days seem less dreary when you are stuck inside behind a desk.

One of the ways you can be energy efficient at home and at the office is in how you get from home to work. Rather than taking your car everyday look into commuting with other people that work near you. This is a great way to get to work without having to put in the long hours behind the wheel and the fuel in the gas tank. It is also reducing the amount of cars on the road. If you and four other people carpool, you are only driving one fifth of the time, or once a week, and there are 80 percent less vehicles on the road (provided everyone does this).

Going Paperless

Another great way to be more energy efficient at work is to ditch the traditional paper memos and start going paperless. Many offices now only communicate in person or through email which is a much more energy efficient way to stay in touch and keep the business flowing. Emails are easier than memos and require much less paper.

At home you can also reduce the amount of paper you use by reusing scrap paper. Use both sides of the paper and have scrap paper handy by the phone and near your computer when you do need to jot something down. This will save you reaching for a fresh piece just to write down a phone number every time. To effectively take message for other people in the household, invest in a white board with an eraser and some pens to easily write down and then erase older messages instead of relying on paper.

Energy efficiency at home and work starts with you. In addition to turning off the lights, using the sun's natural light, going paperless, carpooling and relying on other measures for messages, you can also cut down on the amount you use your air conditioner, the microwave at work and other appliances. Anytime you use an appliance, think about ways in which you can reduce your usage. Bringing a cold meal once a week, keeping your door shut when you have the air conditioner on and taking shorter showers after work are all easy and effective ways to cut energy consumption and costs.

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