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Conserving energy is something all homeowners and renters should do on a daily basis. We all know that reducing our energy output will help the future generations. Make a conscious effort to reduce your energy consumption by looking into simple yet effective energy saving tips around the home and save more money to put toward your nest egg savings.

Making an Effort to Conserve Energy

There are some drastic changes you can make to your home to reduce your energy output and your electricity bills. Switching to solar hot water, investing in replacement windows and adding insulation to your attic will all dramatically make a difference to your heating and cooling costs but it is also something that most renters do not feel comfortable doing. After all, you need to have your landlord's permission and you may not want to spend the money to renovate a home that is not yours. Instead, look for simple solutions to save your energy.

One of the easiest ways to reduce how much energy you consume is to take advantage of your windows. During the summer months, keep the windows open and the fans on rather than turning on the air conditioner. If you are using the air conditioner, then only put it on in one room and close all the doors so that the cool air doesn't escape. This is the same for your heater. If your heater is on, make sure your windows are shut. That way the temperature remains at a more controlled rate without you having to constantly crank the system and consume more energy than you need to.

Many people find that their windows are letting out a lot of unwanted air, especially if they are old or cracked. If you do not want to replace your windows completely you can invest in a draft stopper which is a rubber device that fits around most windows and reduces the drafts that come in and the hot air that escapes through the cracks. You will notice your home remains at a much more comfortable temperature which reduces your reliance on your heater.

Take advantage of those warm sunny days and hang your clothes up to dry outside rather than using the dryer. Furthermore, wash your clothes on a cold wash to dramatically reduce your hot water consumption. There are special detergents that work better in cold water. If you are looking into purchasing new appliances, including a washing machine, a deep freeze or a refrigerator, look for ones that come with a high energy star rating. This means they use less power and will automatically reduce your energy output.

Saving Energy Around the Home

When you are leaving the house consider walking or taking public transit instead of jumping into your vehicle. If you live close by, take your bike to work instead. Or ask around at the office and see if anyone would be interested in joining a carpool. You can reduce the amount you drive by 80 percent by joining a carpool with four other people at your workplace. This is one of the biggest ways to really notice the difference in your wallet as well. After all, the less time you drive, the less fuel you need to buy.

Even things like using energy efficient light bulbs, turning off all appliances when you are not using them and keeping the lights off during the day and night will help save energy. These little energy saving tips may not seem like much but if everyone made an effort then the world would be a much better place for generations to come.

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