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If you are planning on spending a night with your friends or hosting a dinner party and cannot find a babysitter, then you may need to bring them along. This can make the party a lot harder on you as well as the host if there are kids running around the house. This is why you need to think about how to keep them entertained. Whether you are doing the hosting or are bringing your little ones along to a friend's house, you need to put their needs first. Making sure they are content means you can relax and actually enjoy yourself, at least for a few minutes at a time!

Bringing Kids to a Party

If you are attending a party and need to bring your kids along then you are still in charge of them. Just because you are at someone else's house doesn't mean you can allow them to run in and out of each room making a mess just because this keeps them entertained. If your host has kids then you are in luck as there should be plenty of toys and activities already there.

If not, then you may need to bring along some items for your kids. Ask them to pack a bag of their favorite toys including a DVD or two as well as any comfort object. The best activities for adult parties are quiet ones. Set them up in a room with the television, a DVD and their comfort objects and hopefully they will remain content for some of the party.

Of course, this is your best case scenario and in almost all instances, your kids will not settle down in a room and remain quiet and content for two hours. They will probably want to run around, to make a mess or to cling to your leg the entire time. If your spouse is there, trade off. Let him watch the kids for twenty minutes and then it's your turn. Sure, you won't get to enjoy the party the entire time but you have to make sacrifices when you become a parent; after all, your job never ends, even at parties.

Hosting Children at Your House

If you are the host and have kids coming to the party then try to make an effort to keep them happy. Look for small snacks that they may enjoy and set up a special area for the kids to eat and play. Keep the doors shut in the rooms that you do not want the kids in. If you are not used to having kids in your home then you will need to do a quick child proof once over, removing objects such as glassware, candles, photo albums and other breakables that are within reach for kids.

Finally, take a breath and relax. Yes, your home is going to look awful after having a party where there are kids running around but this is all part of playing host. Enjoy the evening and worry about the clean up tomorrow morning after your guests and the kids have gone.

Keeping children entertained at an adult party takes patience and, even with all the toys in the world, many kids will prefer to hang out with the adults. If you are the parent you need to stay on them and ensure they understand what is acceptable and what is not. If you are the host you need to try to make your home as accommodating as possible and remember that, after the party is over, they will go and you can get your clean and calm house back.

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