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Spending time with the family in the great outdoors is a great way to spend your holiday. Camping can be cheaper than staying in a hotel paying for swimming pool and hot tub amenities, and also a lot more fun for everyone. However, keep in mind that camping is usually not free and requires a lot of extra planning and preparation. Make sure you have all the equipment ready and that you have planned for holiday to ensure the most fun for the entire family.

Packing for Camping

Most camping trips that you do with kids require a whole lot of baggage. You can expect the usual such as sleeping bags, tents, mattresses and clothes. However, you will also need to bring plenty of toys and outdoor activities to keep them happy during the day. You will also need blankets and chairs to sit on as well as tarps and a possible portable gazebo to keep the sun and rain off.

Cooking wise, you will need a stove or be prepared to cook all your items on the fire. You can expect to need to bring a big storage bin filled with plates, cups, knives, forks, cooking pots and pans and dish detergent to clean all of these items. Furthermore, you will need a portable table and chairs set so that everyone can sit down and enjoy the meals together.

Camping meals tend to be quite simple. Basic meals include hot dogs, noodles, spaghetti, steaks, toast and eggs for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and chips, marshmallows, cookies and crackers for snacks. Try to pack at least a few healthy items such as apples and oranges which carry well. Sneak some veggies into the mix by bringing along veggie juice or adding carrots and peas to the noodles at night.

Make sure you also don't forget essential items such as flashlights, bug spray and sunscreen, extra batteries, oil, salt and pepper and toilet paper. Ensure that the kids have packed plenty of toys, clothes and at least two hats each. And don't forget the camera!

Where to Camp

There are several national parks and campsites across the nation. You may need to pay a small fee to use these camping spots and you will need to obey by the rules which includes using the garbage cans and being quiet after a certain hour. The good thing about these camping sites is that they usually include toilets, showers and amenities. The bad thing, however, is that you are often camping with several strangers all close to you.

There are options. If you know where to go and have a four wheel drive, you may be able to make your own camping spots in the bush or near the rivers. You can camp on beaches, on grass or anywhere else. The hard part is finding the right place that is safe and suitable for your camping needs. Camping out bush means you will not have to pay to use the premises but it also means you will be squatting to go to the bathroom and you will be rinsing off in the river rather than under a hot shower.

Whatever you choose, family camping trips are all about spending time together. Think of activities that you enjoy doing together. Bring board games, books and your fishing gear. You may want to include a soccer ball, volleyball net or canoe to enjoy the great outdoors in style. Spend time together, relax and indulge in a world outside the regular hustle and bustle of the city. This is what family camping trips are all about.

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