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Keeping your entire family entertained during the long summers and school holidays can be tough, especially if you're sick of interior decorating and want some sun. Dad may want to go fishing but this is often hard to do when you have kids as well. Mom may want to spend the afternoon trying on clothes in the mall but this is impossible with children as well. Your son may wish to spend his days in front of the television while your daughter may want to go ice skating. So how can you find something to do that everyone will enjoy and that will promise a good family filled time?

There are some activities out there that include people of all ages and lifestyles - sports. Sports are a great way to have fun, to let off some steam, to stay in shape and to let out your competitive nature. Children and adults can both enjoy a wide range of sports.

Soccer and Tennis

One of the most popular sports games to play with your kids is soccer. You don't need a lot of equipment and you can have a game with only four people. All you need are two goal posts (or t-shirts marking goal posts) and a soccer ball. You will also need two teams which can be made up of any number of people. Try to split adults and children apart so that the teams are even. The object of the game is to score by kicking the soccer ball through the opponents net by dribbling the ball with your feet.

Another good option for family filled sports games is tennis. Again, it is a good idea to split up your teams so that it is one adult and one child together so that it is not uneven. To play tennis you will need rackets, a tennis ball and a court but most cities and towns have several courts that you can either use for free or pay a small fee for. Tennis can be a fairly tiring and strenuous game, especially for little arms so make sure you take plenty of water breaks, especially when playing during the summer.

Bowling, Golf and Croquet

Your family may want to play something a little less intense and lawn bowling is the perfect option for this. Lawn bowling or bocce ball, is a very fun game in which you attempt to bowl your ball as close to the main ball as possible. Again, you can play with two teams of two or more and each team gets a turn to throw the ball and try to hit the marker. Similar to curling, real bowling and horseshoes, lawn bowling is quite relaxed and casual making it the perfect game for a lazy afternoon with your family.

Another perfect sports game to play with your family is golf. However, you can expect this sport to cost a little bit of money, even if you are only playing pitch and putt or mini golf which are both more suited for children. Make a day out of it and hit the local mini golf. Or, if you have the equipment at home, you can even set up your own golfing grounds in your backyard. A popular home edition of mini golf is known as croquet and follows similar rules but without the golf course fees.

There are a number of different activities you can play that involve your entire family. Above are only a few suggestions. So the next time you and your family are bored and looking for something to do, explore these family friendly sports teams' games.

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