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Coming home to an apartment or complex where the appliances are not working, along with a complex pool that is dirty can be extremely annoying, especially when you know that it is your landlord's responsibility to fix it and he is not doing anything about it. There are some appliances that will come with the rental complex and thus they will be the landlord's responsibility. There are other appliances that you will be responsible for.

If you are ever unsure about who is responsible for what you can check back on your lease agreement which should outline this more clearly. Or, you can also contact your landlord and let him know of the problem. He can tell you what to do next, whether it is to contact a repairman or to wait until he sets up an appointment to get the appliance fixed and fast.

Appliances break and this is annoying but not really something we can help. Some of the most common appliances to break in apartment and rental homes include the stove, the oven, the refrigerator, the deep freezer, the dishwasher and the washing machine. Most of these things will come standard in a rental home, minus the washing machine which you may have supplied.

Essentially, if the appliance came with the home when you rented it, then you need to inform your landlord or property manager about the problem. If you brought the item with you when you moved in, then this is your responsibility to get it fixed.

Common Faulty Appliance Concerns

A faulty appliance in your rental home means that it will not work properly. This can be something small like a broken seal on your fridge. However, what this means is that the fridge doesn't close properly and thus your food goes off much quicker. A broken seal can be easy to fix in some instances with the right tools and the right repairman but you actually need someone to come over and have a look at the problem as soon as possible. You will probably need to remove all the items from your fridge before the repairman can fix it and replace the seal which is a hassle made even worse if your landlord doesn't schedule an appointment at a time that works for you.

Another common faulty appliance problem is a broken burner on your oven. Many ovens will come with two or four burners. However, if one is not working, or if two are not working, then this can make cooking dinner a much slower process and this can be annoying. Contact your landlord to let him know that someone needs to come in and fix the issue.

Another common issue is a broken fan in your oven. Many ovens are now fan forced which means there is a built in oven that circulates the heat for quicker and better cooking of your food. If the fan is not working then this can impact how your food ends up as well as be a safety hazard. Having the fan fixed requires a repairman that knows what he is doing.

The most annoying thing about faulty appliances is that, while they may still work, to some extent, they are not working the way they should and thus you are not benefiting from having them in your house. As a renter you hope that as soon as you tell your landlord that something is not working properly that he gets someone in to fix the problem right away but this isn't always the case. Be patient and be persistent to get your faulty appliances in your rental fixed.

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