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Throwing a Halloween party and want to really impress your guests? Then you are going to need to dig out the Halloween decorations from your rarely used storage space and ensure there is something really spooktacular on the menu. There are several thousands of different recipes you can choose from especially for Halloween including orange and black cupcakes and treats to really make your guests heads turn. Explore the different options you have for tasty treats and table foods as well as full course dinner options designed around the festive and freaky Halloween.

Gross Halloween Recipe Ideas

Halloween recipes can fall into two different categories - the first option you have is to stick to really disgusting and creepy foods to bring out the scary aspect of Halloween. Think pumpkins puking guacamole for your traditional chips and dips or severed fingers with blood for your cocktail sausages and ketchup. Marinated mozzarella eyeballs and slimy tapeworm (aka bacon) sandwiches can all really make your guests cringe.

To make severed fingers with blood all you need are cocktail sausages, 3 triangles of yellow bell peppers for the nails and ketchup. Boil the sausages for two to three minutes and let them cool. Then cut out a small sliver in each of the cocktail sausage for the 'nail' and add the yellow pepper using a bit of ketchup to hold it into place. Add a cup of ketchup to the middle and you have yourself a delicious yet disgusting treat served up just for Halloween.

Another classic for gross Halloween recipes is a puking pumpkin. All you need is to carve a pumpkin with a mouth and make guacamole or any other dip (spinach dip is also a good one). Place a plate of the guacamole coming out of the carved pumpkins mouth as if it is puking the mixture up. Yummy. Have some crackers or bread on hand for your guests to dip into the big mixture of puke.

Orange and Black Recipes

Of course, many hosts of Halloween parties are not trying to make their guests lose their appetite but would prefer them to actually enjoy the food. If this is the case then you may be happy to stick to foods that come in the traditional Halloween colors of orange and black.

You can also make cakes and treats to look like Halloween characters such as ghosts, witches and pumpkins. Additional classic Halloween characters include skeletons, spiders, Dracula and vampires, Frankenstein, Mummies, aliens, snakes and zombies. This is a more appropriate option if you are hosting a party where kids will be coming or if you are going for something a little more civilized.

Think about doing a pumpkin pie or a ham with orange glaze for the main course and dessert. Stick to carrot quiches for appetizers and go for a black bean and carrot salad. Think orange and black and you will be surprised at what you come up with. You can even find delicious yet simple punches made out of Sunkist, orange juice or food coloring for a black taste. And, you can never go wrong with orange and black jello.

When it comes to festive Halloween party recipes your best friend is the internet where there are countless options. Work with things you already know how to make and things you already have lying around for the easiest way to throw a successful party without spending too much or stressing out about the food preparation. You can find excellent takes on all basic party recipes from pastries and appetizers such as triangle and frittatas to main meals and desserts such as cupcakes.

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