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If your cat has gone missing it can be a very frightening thing. Depending on where you live there are plenty of dangers for cats. Getting hit by a car is always a big problem as is getting eating or attacked by a wild animal. However, there is the chance that your cat has wandered too far away from home and is now trying to salvage food from another family. Take the steps to finding your missing cat by putting up posters and making the effort to find him.

Putting Up Posters

The best way to find a missing cat is to inform neighbors and authorities that your pet has gone missing. Find a recent photo of your cat and make a missing poster out of it. Include details about where the cat was last seen, the age and features of your pet as well as contact information. Make several copies and place the posters around your neighborhood and as you visit with your neighbors, also at the local shop bulletin board and on the posts. If your cat has wandered too far from home then there is a good chance that he is hiding close by.

Many cats that are lost will try to take up residence somewhere else that may seem familiar or safe to them. If you have posters up, then there is a chance that the family that lives in the house where your cat is hiding will see them and put two and two together. This is something you need to hope will happen.

Registering a Missing Cat

You can also try to find a missing cat by getting in touch with the local council, RSPCA and pound. If your cat is wandering the streets or found injured, then many people will take the cat to the pound. This is the best way for the animal to be rescued and the best place for it. Once the cat has been registered into the system, they will cross check the cat to any missing pets reported. You may get a match this way. It can take weeks for your cat to be found and registered but don't give up hope.

Keep in mind that cats are clever things. Some will actually run away for weeks at a time, only to return home looking healthy and happy. No one knows where they go and what possesses them to take off. It might be in their nature. Continue calling your cat's name every night, shaking her dish and doing what you usually do. One day she might come home on her own.

However, she might not. Bears, snakes, cougars and even large dogs can be a big threat to cats. If you live in an area where these animals exist, then you need to keep this in mind, especially if you are close to woodland or bush. If you are, take a partner and do a walk in the bush during the day. Look for tracks, fur or other suggestions that your cat may have been attacked. You may even find her remains which is an awful thing to think about. Keep the kids far away when you are walking and be prepared for the worst. Hopefully you will come home empty handed.

Finding a missing cat can be hard work, filled with stress, sadness and anxiety for the whole family. Keep your head up and keep your thoughts positive. Furthermore, keep in mind that things happen for a reason and your cat may just find his way home when the time is right.

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