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Going away for the night, weekend or extended holiday without your pet can be traumatic for both you and your furry friend. However, there are several instances where your pet will not be able to go on holidays with you. When this is the case it is important that you choose the right type of pet care for your animal. Boarding kennels, pet resorts and personalized pet sitters are all viable options to consider when looking for temporary care for your pet.

Pet Sitting at Home

If you are fortunate enough to have a friend or relative that is willing to watch your pet, then stop framing posters and count your lucky stars. The best possible situation is getting someone to live in your home for you while you are away. That way your pet will still spend the evenings and nights with someone and will keep his routine as much as possible. A pet sitter or house sitter will be able to feed your pet and walk him if necessary and will also be able to watch over the house, water your plants and keep intruders away.

If you are unable to find someone to stay at your home then perhaps a neighbor could watch your pet from afar. If you have a rabbit, bird or cat then they will probably be okay a couple of days without you there as long as someone is feeding them once or twice a day and ensuring they have clean water and a clean place to go to the toilet. If you are only going away for a short period of time and cannot afford a full house sitter, then asking a neighbor or friend to spend an hour or so each night as your home will help keep your pet cared for and loved while you are away.

Alternative Pet Accommodation Options

If you don’t trust your neighbors and don’t have any friends that will watch your animal for you another good option is a pet resort. Essentially a pet resort is a boarding kennel but usually offers more luxurious accommodation for your animal. It can also be more expensive than a boarding kennel. Pet resorts are usually run by a family and will be located on an acreage property. This environment is more like ‘home’ for the animals but each pet will still have his own crate and area to eat, sleep and go to the toilet.

A boarding kennel is a more affordable option for away-from-home pet care but can also leave much to be desired. Many boarding kennels are located at homeless shelters and SPCAs where the accommodation is a little on the depressing side. However, the owners are trained carers and will do their best to ensure your pet is taken care of while you are away.

When it comes finding pet sitters you will need to ensure he is vaccinated, wormed and de-flead before you let him stay. You may also want to bring along a list of dietary restrictions and likes and dislikes for the kennel operator as well as a few toys and t-shirts that smell like you. Most dogs are quite scared and stressed when they first go to a kennel and are worried they are being abandoned. However, it is better for them to be locked and safe than roaming the streets alone while you are on holiday. When you are on holiday you will be reassured to know your pet is in good hands and will be there when you get back.

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