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These days you can do everything online. From researching a paper to downloading your favorite television series, from chatting with a friend overseas to buying a new outfit, you are literally one click away from everything you need, except perhaps dealing with loud neighbors. So why should it be any different when it comes to finding a roommate? If you are looking for someone to live with then do not go past the internet. Finding a roommate online is one of the safest and simplest ways to fill up that extra room in your apartment, as long as you stay smart about it.

In most instances, your roommate will not just be renting a room from you. They will be sharing your living space. This means they will be using your items, such as your toaster, your couch and your television on occasion. It means they will be cooking dinner, having a shower, and browsing on the computer as well. What this means is that you want to be sure that your roommate complements you and that you trust him/her with your belongings.

Online Roommate Criteria

There are a number of online roommate and accommodation sites that connect those that want a roommate to those looking for a place to rent. Some charge a small fee and others are free to use. There are roommate specific websites such as Easy Roommate but there are also broad classified sites such as Craigslist. The best thing about choosing a roommate online is that you can set up qualifications so that only applicants that fit the bill will apply.

Choosing your roommate starts with you. What do you want out of your roommate? Do you want a male or female? Do you want someone with kids, pets? Do you want someone with a full time job, someone who goes to school, someone who works away or at nights? You can specify what you want through your online profile.

When it comes to choosing a roommate online, you also need to remember that the potential applicants need to also choose you. You will need to set up a profile of the house and yourself. You should list the rental price and what is included in the apartment complex (gym, pool, close to bus stop, close to shops, laundry, etc) as well as the apartment (fully furnished, number of bedrooms, appliances included). You should also say a little bit about yourself (single, married, living with kids, living with pets, full time worker, etc).

Choosing your Roommate

Once you have selected your applicants it is a good idea to meet them in person before you simply accept them. Choose a public place that is close to where you live, such as a coffee shop or bar. They can get to know the neighborhood and you don’t have to travel out of the way to meet with them. You may want to take this time to ask for references as well as a criminal record check, especially if you have young children. Most applicants understand this is part of renting and will comply.

A roommate can help you out in a number of different ways. They can help with the monthly living expenses, from your rental fees to the electricity bills. They can help with the cooking and cleaning and they can offer companionship. However, they can also add an element of stress and confrontation if you do not get along with them. This is why it is important to set specific standards when selecting a roommate online and always meet with the applicants before you give them the keys.

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