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In many instances, your move will happen faster than you expected. All of a sudden a new job position comes in or a transfer comes through and you have only a few weeks to get everything organized. It can be impossible to not only pack up your new home but also find a new place to rent, especially if you are moving several miles away. After all, in between getting your house cleaned and packed up, dealing with combative neighbors, finding new schools for the kids and transferring your bills to a new location, it might not be plausible to also look into rental accommodation just yet.

You may wish to spend some time in your new city and check out the various suburbs before deciding on a permanent place to live and sign a lease. This is why many new residents will look at weekly accommodation for the first couple of weeks or month before deciding on a place ot rent. If you are moving and are still unsure of what happens when you arrive at your new destination, then consider your options before simply settling in on the first rental property you come across.

Moving to another city across town or across the state or even across the country means that you get to start again. It means you will be faced with a lot of stress and possible loneliness as you settle into a new routine without your old family, friends and structure but it also provides you with an opportunity to explore new options. Before you do decide on a rental apartment or house to call your home for the next six to twelve months, why not have a look around and see what options you have.

Short Term Moving Accomodation

Many cities have several different suburbs, each with their own pluses and minuses. Spend a few days exploring each suburb and speak to a realtor about what options you have. Look at a number of different houses and options. Perhaps you will want to rent a cottage on the beach for a year or perhaps you would like to live straight in the middle of the city for a little while and see how you like it. As long as you are renting and not buying, you always have the opportunity to pack up and move when the lease is up.

There are several different accommodation options you have when looking into the moving transition. Rather than explore the real estate right away, spend a couple of hours looking into hotels, motels, cottages, cabins and suites in the area. You should be able to secure a weekly rate in most places and many offer full kitchen facilities which means you can still cook at home. Make your little suite your temporary home while you look for a more permanent place.

The best thing about finding temporary accommodation when moving to a new location is that you are not stressing out about finding the perfect rental place to live. Furthermore, you are not settling on the first thing you see just to get it over and tick it off your to do list. There are enough stresses that come with the moving process without worrying about your new home. Leave this one until you get there and familiarize yourself with the various areas and neighborhoods before making this important decision. You may need to pay a little more in hotel or motel fees when finding accommodation when moving but in the end you will feel more comfortable and more confident in your decision and your new home.

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