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Moving day coming up? Then it's time to start thinking about packing up your items. If you are like most people, you will look for boxes to move most of your smaller items. Boxes can protect your belongings and offer a more organized approach to moving day, as opposed to some of your other options such as garbage bags. However, where do you find ten, fifteen, twenty or more boxes? When it comes to finding boxes in your town, you need to plan ahead and be prepared to do a little work to find boxes for free.

Where to Get Boxes

One of the best places to find boxes is the grocery store. Many products are shipped in boxes and thus there are often a number of boxes sitting around in the back. However, these boxes go fast. Arrive early and ask if there are any leftover boxes. You may only get two or three but if you make a weekly thing out of it, then after a couple of months, you should have enough.

You can also choose to hit up several different grocery stores in one day. Drive to enough places and you should be able to find enough boxes, even if you are only getting two or three per store. Either way, you can expect to put in a little effort to find moving boxes for free.

Another option is to check out the wholesale stores in your area, or gardening stores with grass growing fertilizer and plant crates. You may be able to find even larger boxes from warehouses like this. However, don't be greedy. Only take a few boxes at a time as there are plenty of other people that are most likely looking to move in the near future as well.

Keep in mind that the stores are doing you a favor by giving you their leftover boxes which means you need to be polite and courteous when asking. If they say no or if there are no boxes there, then accept it and move on. Speak to a store manager about taking the boxes as they will be able to help you out without leading you in the wrong direction.

Moving Day Tips

If the big day is around the corner and you haven't had any time to visit the grocery store, Costco or other option, you can also purchase boxes from delivery stores as well as post offices. However, you can expect to pay a large sum of money for them. Moving and removals companies also often sell boxes for a more affordable rate than places like UPS and FedEx.

Make sure you label your boxes and pack your items securely and tightly. You may want to invest in bubble wrap or wrap breakables in towels and blankets to keep them safe on the move. Try to keep like objects in the same boxes for easy and organized unpacking when you arrive at your destination. All of these tips will make moving day much easier and much more affordable.

When it comes to finding boxes in your town, you cannot be greedy. If you do want special boxes for wine glasses or boxes that come with a perfect lid, then you will most likely need to pay for them. If you are willing to use boxes that once stored produce, books, crafts and other items, then hit up the local stores and warehouses. Choose boxes that have not been wet and are in decent condition to ensure that your items will be safe.

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