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If you have a pet, whether it is a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a fish or any other animal, you want to be sure that they are happy and healthy. Providing your pet with toys is one way to keep them occupied while you are away. However, what toys are safe for your pet and what ones are not? In the same way you need to be careful when buying toys for your child, you should also think about the safety aspect of finding toys for your pet.

The first thing you need to think about is your pet's individual needs. While some dogs are completely fine to chew on a large bone, others are not. Some dogs have a gag reflex that can be harmed while chewing while others can actually go into a fit if they chew on certain toys. While a standard dog bone may seem harmless, it can be deadly if given to the wrong dog.

This is true with any type of chew toy or pet toys. If your pet is allergic to anything or if you have noticed problems in the past, then stay away from toys that are made out of that particular material. Stick to the toys that you know will be safe. If your pet does have a favorite toy then he will most likely chew it to bits after a few long plays. Buy a few more of the favorite toy to always have on hand.

Problematic Toys for Pets

Choking is a big problem for all pets. Balls that are too small can become especially dangerous after your pet can licked and slobbered all over it. A slippery ball can easily be lodged into your dog's throat. As mentioned above, bones can also be harmful, especially ones from your kitchen. Raw chicken bones are okay but never feed your dog cooked chicken bones. Even stuffed toys can be dangerous for some pets if there are small parts such as buttons on the toy.

Another problematic toy for dogs is tug toys. While these can provide hours of entertainment they can also breed aggression in your pet, especially if he really gets into the game. Your dog can easily become so fixated on winning the tug o war that his aggression can act out, causing him to bite you in order to get the prize. Larger dogs could pull you by a rope on your rollerblades in your neighborhood as well, but this could also cause aggression issues

When you are looking for safe toys for your pet always check the label to ensure that they say 'pet safe' or 'child safe.' Many children's stuffed animals make great pet toys provided there are no small bits that can cause a choking hazard.

Try to avoid toys that have ribbons, buttons, strings or feathers which may be eaten and cause problems with your pet's digestion. Stick to toys that are larger than a ping pong ball when looking for balls for your pet to play with. That way there is less risk of choking.

Finding safe pet toys is just as important as shopping around for your children's toys, especially if you leave your pet at home alone with the toy for extended periods of time. There are websites out there that provide a list of recalled pet items, including food and toys that you should check periodically just to be sure that your toys choices are safe. Keeping your pet happy while you are away is important which is why we give them toys to chew in the first place however, keeping him safe is even more important so shop smart and be pet toy wise.

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