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First floor apartments come with plenty of pros and cons. If you are looking into renting any apartment, you will need to consider what it means to be living on the first floor. Below we have outlined the good, the bad and the ugly about renting a first floor apartment. Be on the lookout for the hazards that come with living on the ground floor when you are looking into rental properties.

Ground Floor Apartment Pros

One of the biggest benefits to living on the ground floor is that you don’t have to climb those stairs two, three or even four times a day. Ground floor apartments make daily errands and chores a lot easier due to the easy access. If your arms are full with grocery bags, shopping bags or any other items, it can be hard to maneuver up the stairs or elevator without dropping something (the eggs of course). Furthermore, if you are carrying larger items in and out of the apartment, such as a bicycle or a children’s stroller, then you will be grateful that you are living on the ground floor. First floor apartments also provide penty of opportunities to use colorful folding decorations as well.

Furthermore, if your rental apartment does not have a washing machine inside, then there is also a good chance that you will be that much closer to the laundry facilities, usually located on the first floor as well. You will also have quicker access to the mail room, the lobby and any complex facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools and gyms, all normally located on the ground floor.

Ground floor apartments also tend to be less noisy than higher floor apartments. You only have to worry about neighbors above you rather than above and below which means the noise is reduced by half. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about stepping too loudly (or dancing around the apartment) as there are no downstairs neighbors to complain about the loud footsteps.

Cons to Living on the First Floor

When looking at first floor apartments, consider the various hazards that could be of a concern. If you are looking at places in a high crime neighborhood, then you could be at a greater risk for a theft. You may want to reconsider leaving valuables on the porch, such as your bicycle and outdoor living furniture just in case. This is one of the biggest complaints for people renting a first floor apartment. If your complex is quite secure and gated, then it should be safe to leave items outside overnight. Look for first floor apartments that offer a high level of security as well as a large fence around your property. This will stop people from walking through your yard and grabbing items as they see fit.

Another common complaint for first floor apartment dwellers is the risk of water damage, flood and other damage from natural disasters. The closer you are to the ground, the greater the risk of flood damage, especially if you are living close to a flood plain or ocean. Furthermore, ground floor apartments also tend to be hit the worst with storm damage with debris all over the place.

First floor apartments are sometimes a little bit cheaper to rent than upper floor apartments if there are a number of hazards involved. If you are worried about water damage, flooding and theft, you can ease your mind by purchasing additional security locks as well as adequate renters insurance which can offer you peace of mind that your belongings are safe from whatever ground floor concerns you may have.

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