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An aquarium full of colorful fish can brighten up any home, especially if your landlord is not too keen on you owning a dog, cat or another other larger pet. Fish can make excellent pets as they are easy to maintain and fun to watch. They do not chew your shoes; they do not require a daily walk; and they do not shed hair all over the carpet. However, they do require a quick home-cleaning at least twice a month. Maintaining your fish aquarium is a big part of owning a fish. Fortunately, it is a simple task that requires minimal effort, supplies and money. If only the same could be said for a puppy….

What is in your fish aquarium? Apart from the obvious (fish, that is), your aquarium may also come with a filter, light and heater. You may also have a few plants or decorative structures for the fish to swim in and out of as well as colorful gravel for the ground. All of these things will need to be cleaned.

Maintaining your Fish Tank

It is a good idea to set an hour every two weeks to maintain your fish tank. When considering new roommates, take your pets into account. Make it part of your monthly routine which will ensure that you do not forget and your fish are not swimming in their own filth. Start the process by turning off the heater (if there is one). Let the heater cool down for 15 minutes before removing any water. Remove the light and the glass cover of the aquarium and clean it with a glass solution.

If there is a lot of debris floating around your tank, use a plastic container to try to scoop as much as possible without taking any of the fish with you. You can clean the alga that is stuck to the fish tank with a cloth. Another excellent way to keep algae under control is to consider adding an algae eater to your fish collection. Algae eaters are a type of fish that live off the algae and can make a great addition to your collection of colorful friends.

To clean the gravel off the bottom of your fish tank, you should consider investing in a Gravel Cleaner. This is a type of vacuum siphon sold at any aquarium or pet shops. The tool will siphon the dirt, waste and debris off of the gravel in your aquarium. In the process the vacuum will also siphon out around 25 percent of the water. You will need to replace this old water with clean water.

Cleaning the Fish Water

Every time you maintain your fish tank, you should only be replacing around 25 percent of the old water. This will ensure that the fish remain used to the water temperature and amount of chlorine and other chemicals in the water. Replacing all of the water at the same time can stun the fish and in some instances, can cause them to die.

You will also need to clean the filter of your aquarium. Use an old toothbrush or baby bottle brush to get into the crevices of the filter. You may need to replace the filter if it is looking too dirty. You can purchase filter pads from any aquarium or pet store. Once you have cleaned the individual items in your fish tank, you can put the filter, the heater and the cover back on.

Maintaining fish aquariums will keep the water clearer and keep your fish happier. Furthermore, a clean fish tank will also make it much easier to admire your little friends whenever you want.

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