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If you have just moved into a new apartment, condo or loft, then you might be surprised how little space you actually have. Apartments seem to be getting smaller and smaller each year, especially as you acquire more and more belongings along the way. When it comes to fitting furniture in a small space there are several ways to go about it. Organization can go a long way when it comes to fitting furniture in a small space and making it your own friendly neighbor environment.

Open Living Plans or Separate Small Rooms?

One of the tricks to fitting furniture in a small space is to keep the room as open as possible and minimize, minimize, minimize. This means you may have to part with some of your favorite items of furniture in order to make the most of your new small space. Stick to the essentials – a place to sit, eat and play (for the kids). You might have to kiss that bulky entertainment system goodbye and opt for a smaller table (or perhaps a flat screen television).

Another option when it comes to fitting furniture in a small space is to make a couple of ‘room’s by positioning the furniture in a certain way. For example, you can position the couch away from the kitchen table to make a living area and a dining area. You can choose to place your desk facing a wall with a bookcase to make an ‘office’ or you can take advantage of room separators and screens to make separate rooms.

If you are stuck on space in a bedroom and looking for ways to fit your bed, vanity table and bedside tables, one trick is to take full advantage of your closet. Consider placing your vanity table in your closet and using a storage system for your clothes. Install hooks wherever you can so your jackets, scarves and outerwear has a place to hide and use large storage bins placed under your bed to keep any out-of-season clothing.

Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

The key to fitting furniture in a small space is organization. You may notice that when you have very little room to move, it does not take much to make the room look untidy or cluttered. In fact, having a few magazines out of place or a few toys scattered around the floor can make a huge impact on the size of the space. What this means is that it is critical that everything has its place. Invest in storage systems, such as a coffee table that doubles as a treasure chest to keep extra blankets, books. See if you can find an ottoman or a couch that offers storage space underneath to store children’s toys, books and puzzles.

Take advantage of the wall space as much as you can by adding decorative mirrors to open up the room as well as wall shelves which can provide you with a shelving system without the bulkiness of a portable cupboard or bookcase. You can place books, stereos, telephone chargers, lamps and toys on the shelves to keep the place looking tidy without having too many large pieces of furniture in the room.

When everything has its place, you will notice that your home can look uncluttered and cozy even if there is not much space there. Regardless of whether you choose an open living space design or a different room plan, you can make the most of your small space by staying organized and choosing a few select pieces to stand out and make an impact.

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