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Your roller door is an important part of your garage. It makes it convenient to open and close the garage door behind you and also provides a safe area for your items to be stored. However, when a roller door breaks it can make the whole situation a lot less convenient and you will be the one getting in and out of the car to manually shut the door when leaving for that family fishing trip. Take the time to find out what is wrong with your broken roller door. In many instances it could be a simple DIY job.

Battery Problems in Garage Doors

One of the most frustrating things is when the battery operated controller does not work. The easiest way to fix this is to replace the batteries. However, if the control has gotten wet or if there is dirt in the battery holder, then this can also cause problems and possible rusting of the battery.

You can purchase batteries for your roller door at any battery specialist. Bring along the older batteries or the entire garage door controller with you so that the store staff can help you select the right size. Most batteries for garage doors are quite small and thus this makes it harder to guess. Pick up a few spare sets as the batteries in their systems do not last long, especially if the battery compartment is damaged in any way..

To replace the battery you will need to a screwdriver to open the compartment. Dispose of the old battery and replace it with the new one. Then screw the compartment back together. Test that this has fixed the problem.

Cable and Wire Problems

Of course, many broken roller doors are not going to be so easy to fix. There could be several things that have gone loose or problems with different components of the system such as the wall fixing, the brackets or the door itself. Take the time to check your garage roller door every 6 to 12 months. Place them on manual mode and push them up and down, taking the time to look at each component.

One of the problems with your garage roller door could be stiffness. There are oils and lubricants that can help get your roller door gliding much smoother. However, one thing to remember about lubricants for garage doors is that they should not be used on the tracks. Instead, you will need to use a silicone spray to fix any traction on the tracks. Silicone spray will prolong the ribbon on your roller door which in turn helps with the movement of the door.

Another problem you could have with your broken roller door is the cables which are located on the left and ride side of the door. If there are any wires hanging out then you may have a problem. Broken cables usually mean an electrical problem which, unfortunately, cannot be fixed DIY unless you are an electrician. Even if the situation looks easy enough, it is best to leave anything electrical to the experts as handling hot wires can be dangerous to your health.

Fixing a broken roller door may not be the way you want to spend your weekend afternoon. If you really are stuck as to what the problem is, then don't hesitate to call a roller door technician. Many garage doors come with a fairly substantial warranty which means you can have the system fixed for free by a qualified technician. Contact the manufacturer or the place where you bought the roller doors to learn more about the warranty and whether your problem will be covered.

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