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A squeaky door can be annoying to say the least. Every time you open or close the door you will be faced with an annoying sound that can easily drive anyone over the edge, especially on those bad days. While it might seem like this job is simply too much to handle, especially after a long day of carpooling from work, it is actually not. Fixing a squeaky door, in most instances, only takes a couple of minutes.

Squeaky Door Quick Fixes

The first thing you need to know when it comes to fixing a squeaky door is to understand why it is making noise in the first place. What causes a squeaky door? A door will begin to squeak because of the friction caused by the hinges. Hinges will often loosen over time or can squeak due to a lack of lubrication. Either way, in most instances, fixing a squeaky door is an easy DIY job that only requires a small amount of time and a few household tools. So if you are ready to say goodbye to the squeak, follow these simple tips on home improvement.

The easiest way to fix a squeaky door is to apply lubricant to it. Using oil, rub in into a cloth and wipe in onto the hinges. Wipe all around the hinge to be sure the lubricant reaches all the corners, nooks and crannies of the door. Test to see if this stops the squeak by swinging the door open and closed.

No luck? You might need to dig deeper and remove the pins from the hinges of the doors, especially if the doors have been painted. There is a chance that the paint is preventing the oil from getting into those extra squeaky areas. Grab your screwdriver and gently pull the hinge pin out a little ways; you do not have to completely remove the door to do so. Then spray the oil through the loosened pin to ensure that the entire hinge is moistened.

Re-Hanging a Squeaky Door

If the squeak just won’t stop then you may need to call in the big guns and re-hang the door. If you are living in a rental apartment or an older home, then this might be the case. As time goes by and with pressure the walls can change position thus changing the alignment of the door frame. If you are renting then you can contact your landlord to see what he suggests. If you are lucky he may offer to re-hang the squeaky door for you; however, this is a job that you can do yourself as well.

To re-hang a squeaky door, you will need to remove the hinges from the door frame with a screwdriver. While doing this, take the time to oil each hinge if you haven’t already done so. You may need to remove the hinges from the wall and re-screw them into a different position if the alignment is really off. Make sure the hinges are not twisted in any way when you are re-fastening the hinges to the wall and the door to the hinges.

Squeaky doors are common in all types of homes, from apartments or dorms, from older homes to older condos. While the squeak can drive you crazy, there are easy ways to correct this problem and live squeak-free. Rather than drive yourself mad every time you close your door, take five minutes out of your day to fix a squeaky door. You will be not only stopping the squeak but also saving your sanity in the process.

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