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You love your pet and went out of your way to create a pet friendly area, but there are some actions that he may do that you don't love so much. Digging holes in your yard, going to the bathroom wherever he pleases and chewing on items around the house are probably all on the list of things you wish your pet wouldn't do. One of the favorite chewing spots for dogs around the house is the top of the baseboards.

Repairing and Replacing Baseboards

If you notice there are bite marks in your baseboards then you have a few options on how to fix this. One option you have is to try and correct the holes using a plaster. If you notice that the bite marks are not that deep then you can use a plaster to fix them up. You can purchase hole plaster at any hardware store and is usually used to fix holes around the house from things like tacks or picture holders.

Hole plaster is a delicate material that will harden when left out. You do not need to use that much - just a little bit to cover up the hole. Spread the product around to make it as smooth as possible or use a flat edged tool to smooth the surface down. Once the plaster has dried you may wish to sand the area to make it smooth again and then apply a fresh set of paint to the damaged area.

Another option when fixing baseboards that a pet has chewed on is to simply replace the baseboards in general. If your baseboards are looking quite old then this is a good option. You can purchase baseboards already painted at any hardware store or you can purchase unpainted ones for much cheaper and do the painting yourself.

You will need to take the current baseboards off using a hammer and then nail in the new baseboards. In some instances you may need to use a jigsaw hammer to cut smaller pieces if your room is not a clear cut square. While this may seem like a bigger job, it is something that can brighten up your home and make it like new again.

Keeping Your Pet Away

Once you have repaired or replaced the baseboards you need to figure out a way to stop your dog from chewing them all over again. The first thing to do is to ensure that your pet has plenty of other chewing toys and that he is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation during the day. If you do catch him going back to the baseboards tell him "no" in a firm voice.

Another good idea is to put a solution on the baseboard that will repel the dog. There are commercial no chew sprays that you can buy at any pet store or you can also make your own. One good home remedy for chewing is to mix cayenne peppers, grinded up jalapenos and water together. Make sure the mixture is watery enough to put in a spray bottle and then spray directly onto your baseboards. The solution will not ruin the paint on your baseboards but it will keep your dog away.

Fixing baseboards that a pet chewed on is only part of the solution. You also have to keep him from doing it over and over again. With this simple home remedy your dog will get one taste of the pepper mixture and stay away from your baseboards. You can also apply this solution to other areas in your house that you would like to remain bite mark free.

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