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Flag football is a moderate version of American football that is popular worldwide. Unlike the NFL, flag football does not involve contact and tackling. It offers a fun and competitive way to get in shape without the bruises, scraps and unnecessary injuries that often accompany traditional football. What this means is that flag football is more suitable for everyone, from children to families, from neighbor block parties to intramural sports leagues. Stop trying to organize small space furniture fitting and get outside in the sun.

How to Play Flag Football

Flag football follows the same rules as tackle football. The object of the game is to get the football into the opposing teams end. You do this by running and passing the football. However, rather than tackling the players to the ground, you simply remove a flag from the flag belt each player must wear.

To play flag football you will need a large grassy area, two teams, colored football flags and flag belts for each player, a football and plastic cones or another object to make end zones. Flip a coin to see who will be the offense first. The game starts with the offensive player (the center) passing the ball to the quarterback between his legs. The quarterback will then look for open players on his team to pass the ball to while the defensive team will try to block these passes and intercept the ball. If you have the ball and the defensive player pulls your flag, then you are ‘down’. Wherever the flag drops is where the play ends and where the ball must be played from. The opposing team has four chances (four flag pulls) to get the ball to the other end and score a point before the play switches and the other team is opposing. You play in this fashion until the allotted time is up.

Neighborhood Flag Football

People interested in playing flag football on a competitive basis can join a number of the different leagues across the world. This includes the International Flag Football Federation, the International Women’s Flag Football Association, the United States Flag and Touch Football League (USFTL) and the NFL Flag Football World Championships. However, people who are looking for a fun group activity to play on the weekends can also benefit from investing in a few flag belts and starting their own ‘league.’

If you are new to the neighborhood and looking for ways to meet your neighbors, one way to do so is to round up the troops for a game of flag football. Put up a bulletin on the lobby hall and see if anyone would be interested in playing. You can play flag football with any number of players. It is a good idea to have at least 5 per team but you can work with whatever you have.

If you are playing a friendly game of flag football you can make up your own rules and time limits as you go along. Perhaps you would like to play for four rounds of ten minutes or for two rounds of thirty minutes. Perhaps you will allow for time outs or beer breaks.

The key to playing flag football is to take it as it is – a fun and friendly game. Avoid any unnecessary contact including tripping, kicking or tackling and have fun with it. You can adapt the game to suit your individual and teammates needs. For example, if children are playing, then you might have to wind down the competitive nature to give them a fair chance. However, if a group of full grown people are playing, then game on.

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