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Florida Atlantic University Off Campus Housing

Florida Atlantic University off campus housing is one choice you can make when attending Florida Atlantic University. While living on the campus of Florida Atlantic University in a residence hall can be a way to meet and make friends initially with fellow students, it might be a lifestyle you outgrow as time passes. If you have never experienced living on your own at off campus housing, it will be a choice you need to make very carefully.

This is because renting any apartment in Boca Raton requires a certain level of commitment. This is a commitment that needs to be made not just emotionally, but financially as well. If you have had some experience living at the residence halls of Florida Atlantic University, you already have an idea of what it is like getting yourself to and from classes on time, being responsible for studying and even taking care of cleaning the room or doing laundry when necessary.

Living at Florida Atlantic University off campus housing requires an entirely new level of responsibility. However, it will probably prove to be as exciting an adventure as you expect it to be, especially because living at off campus housing in Boca Raton allows you to take advantage of the FL climate all year long. It is not difficult to enjoy all FL life has to offer when you live on the Florida Atlantic University campus, and living at off campus housing can mean more freedom and a lot more room to enjoy everything about college life.

Making the Off Campus Housing Switch

If you and the fellow Florida Atlantic University students sharing the FAU off campus housing with you are absolutely certain it is time to move to off campus housing, it is important to have a plan. Try not to get so caught up in the excitement of moving to an apartment with friends that you forget that renting FAU off campus housing is going to require careful decision making as well as plenty of money. Renting an off campus housing apartment does not just mean there will be a monthly rent payment due.

Prior to moving into an FAU off campus housing apartment, there will be a need to put a security deposit down. This amount will vary and is normally the equivalent of about one month's rent. If your Florida Atlantic University student friends are joining you, it might be possible to split the deposit up among yourselves. Still, be prepared to have the money set aside for a security deposit.

Also, put the security deposit down only after you have carefully read and understood the lease agreement for the Florida Atlantic University off campus housing. This is where the process of actually renting FAU off campus housing becomes a responsibility. By signing the lease you are committing to the terms in that document. If the tenancy is for one full year it means you are committing to living at the Florida Atlantic University off campus housing apartment for the duration of that year.

The same commitment is expected of any of your roommates. While some lease agreements may allow for subletting, each of the roommates must understand that by signing a lease for a one-year term, they are bound by that lease and must commit to living there for that period of time. Once the lease is signed and the security deposit is in place, it is time to plan the move. This can be where the process of switching from residence hall life to apartment life becomes fun.

Getting Ready for Moving Day

However, there are a few more financial aspects of the rental which need to be worked out prior to moving in. If the apartment that is being rented offers utilities in the rent payment, then you do not need to worry about setting up accounts for services like electric and gas. But, if your apartment does not include certain utilities, these need to be set up ahead of moving day. You may want to allow a few weeks' time to complete the process of setting up an account and getting the services turned on. Do not forget to purchase a renter's insurance policy prior to moving in.

This type of coverage is very affordable for a student budget and it helps keep your apartment living as trouble free as possible. This coverage protects you financially in the event your belongings were destroyed after a fire or a hurricane, for example. While there are many serious aspects of moving into Florida Atlantic University off campus housing, once these are handled they make for a much smoother, safer process of moving in. Taking all of these steps can help ensure that life there will be enjoyed with very few problems or concerns.

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