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A Florida room is essentially a patio or a sun room. However, because of the structure they are quite popular is sunny states, such as Florida and can reduce energy bills on lighting. Whether you live in the sunny south or anywhere else across the nation in a home that has a sun room, then you have a number of options in terms of decoration and design. Explore different design options and get inspired to make this special little area unique, comfortable and cozy.

Florida rooms take on a variety of styles and designs. While in the past Florida rooms or sunrooms were often located in a patio type setting and outside of the house, nowadays many sun rooms are actually incorporated into the structure of the home. For example, now a sunroom might act as more of a living room rather than an indoor patio.

Decorating Sun Room Options

You have several different options when it comes to decorating your sun room. You might want to make it a place for a second eating area in your home complete with a table and chair setting. Or, you might want to make it more like a lounge room complete with comfortable wicker furniture and bright spacious colors. Or, you might want to do something completely different and make your sun room a place to put your laundry, your office, your gym or anything else in your home. This is entirely up to you.

A good option is to make this living space similar to an outdoor patio complete with large cozy outdoor furniture. Bright colored place mats and pictures of nature can complement the look. Look for fun and funky outdoor living furniture as well as table ware for your room such as wine glasses in bright reds, pinks and blues and pitchers in similar colors. You can bring the sun, the fun and the feeling of summer into your house on a regular basis.

Or why not go nautical which is certainly fitting for a sun room? Add some red and blue stripes to the look with seat cushions of red and blue and look for a floor mat with a similar pattern. Add a few pictures of boats, wind chimes of sail boats and other elegant yet nautical touches to complete the sailing theme in your Florida room. You can find tons of great decorating ideas for nautical themes rooms online, on eBay and in stores.

Another good idea is to make this space into a formal sitting area perfect for hosting friends and family in a bright open setting. Look for furniture that matches your style. Wicker furniture with light colored cushions make a great look for a Florida room. You can add floral touches, lampshades, lace dollies, candles and other small touches to bring out the frilly. The best thing is that the sun will complement this look and provide you with a lovely place to entertain and sit back and curl up with a good book on a rare spare moment.

Florida rooms were once only enjoyed in the southern states but nowadays they are enjoyed in all different climates and actually quite popular in rental properties across the nation. With the new advancements made with replacement windows it is possible to keep a sun room nice and cozy even in the heart of the winter. They are made out of several different materials from brick to glass and usually contain a lot of windows to let in the sun light, the main feature of a Florida room.

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