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Florida State University Off Campus Housing

Florida State University off campus housing choices in the Tallahassee, FL area range from apartments to town homes to houses. You will find that when you begin to search for your first FSU off campus housing residence that you can find many places that are within walking distance of Florida State University and the stadium. Not only will off campus housing provide you with a fun new living experience with lots of freedom to enjoy yourself but it will also provide you with convenience getting to and from school, campus events or even work.

Your Off Campus Housing Responsibilities

You will certainly be able to enjoy all that your Florida State University career has to offer you and your fellow Seminoles! Only now, instead of having to conform to all the rules you may have had to follow when living on campus, you get to make your own rules. Your off campus housing living schedule is going to be limited practically only by your course schedule at Florida State University.

Yet, with all of the freedom you and your roommates are going to get to take advantage of comes an equal amount of responsibility. For example, before you sign a lease on that perfect stadium-adjacent Florida State University off campus housing rental, you better be sure you are really ready to commit to it. Even if your lease is only a 10-month term, providing you with tenancy for just your school year term, it is still a commitment of time.

You really cannot just pick your FSU off campus housing from one or two choices and move in after one quick visit. It actually may be tempting to do something like this. If you have a few friends who live in Florida State University off campus housing that they have invited you to join them in and you do basically because you will be thinking you are rooming with friends, make sure this is the right move. If you have not made absolutely sure that the amenities, besides your friends living there, fit your lifestyle needs, you may be in for a challenging time.

In fact, sometimes living with friends when you have "real" rent to pay, unlike dormitory life at Florida State University, may be more of a detriment than a benefit. If problems arise with someone being late on the rent or not being able to pay their share of a grocery bill rifts in friendships can result. It is probably hard to conceive of now if you are excited to start your fun FSU off campus housing life with your friends in the picture.

When you stop to think if it is really worth the risk you may realize that if you can easily walk from their Tallahassee, FL off campus housing residence to your own, it may be better to consider rooming on your own or with other Florida State University students. You may argue that it is riskier searching for off campus housing roommates that are strangers. You need to be careful in any off campus housing arrangement. You may want to consult with the residence offices at Florida State University for tips and help in finding roommates and residences to be sure you make the best possible choice.

Taking on New Risks

While you realize that there is always a degree of risk involved in choosing FSU off campus housing, most of the time you will find that you have selected Florida State University off campus housing that is tried and true. Many places have been rented by many students like you for years and years without a problem. But, do not think roommate conflicts will be the only potential risk you may face.

If your residence was to be damaged or destroyed in a fire, flood, hurricane or other natural disaster aside from being displaced and upset, you might have to learn to live without every single one of your belongings that were housed in your residence. While events like this are fortunately rarities they do occur. If they do and you do not have renter's insurance to protect you from losses incurred after such an event you will be starting over from scratch.

If you do not have the money ready to restore all of your things if they were to get destroyed in a storm, you need to offset the risk of losing all you have by purchasing low-cost renter's insurance on your Florida State University off campus housing now. It is easy to select a policy from the numerous offers you will receive when you start your search here. If you pay an extra $10 a month for insurance for the term of your lease, it will be worth much more in terms of peace of mind.

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