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Four bedroom homes are perfect for the expanding family. Most renters looking for four bedroom homes have one, two or even three children as well as a house-worth of stuff that has accumulated over the years. From children’s toys to adult furniture, from kitchen utensils and supplies to brick a brack and photo albums, a four bedroom home is large enough to accommodate both your belongings as well as your family. When on the lookout for a four bedroom home consider the various layouts and options. You may be surprised at the large variety of four bedroom homes for rent these days. Make a list of the features you desire and take your time viewing each home.

Four Bedroom Home Selection

Choosing a four bedroom home should not be a rushed decision. It is a good idea to speak to a realtor and set a weekend or two to view a number of homes for rent. Before you start looking, make a list of the features that you need as well as the features you would like (but are not necessary) when looking for your next rental home.

You may want to have a green building home that features carpet or hardwood floor. You may want your next rental home to have four large bedrooms and three bathrooms. You may want an open living room plan. You may desire a large kitchen with brand new appliances. You may desire an ensuite or a spa bath in the master bedroom. You may want the main bedroom to be in a different location than the other rooms. You may want a two story house. You may want a patio or a Jacuzzi. You may require a four bedroom home that is pet friendly. You may want a large backyard with a swimming pool. You may require a shed or a two car garage. There are four bedroom homes that have all of these features and more – you just need to look around.

Of course, price is important. Set a budget of how much you can afford to pay in rent each month. Consider all the other costs that come with renting a house, such as yard work maintenance (if you do not do this yourself), phone and internet, utility bills, fuel for your car, renters insurance and water bills. Four bedroom homes will vary in price depending on where they are located and what features come with the home. You can expect to pay anywhere from $700 per month to well over $3000 per month for a rented four bedroom home.

Neighborhood Selection

Another thing to consider when looking for four bedroom homes is the neighborhood. If you have children then you want to ensure that your street is safe. While you cannot always guarantee that an intruder will not visit your home, you can do your research in terms of property and crime rate in your area. You can also choose a home that comes with safety features such as storm windows, an alarm system and a gate. You can also get a feel for the neighborhood by asking your realtor about the neighbors – do they have young children? How long have they lived there? Are they owners or renters?

You should also consider the various facilities and features around the four bedroom homes you find. Is there a park within walking distance? Are they any good walking or bike riding trails? Is there a shopping mall, a cinema, a golf course, a community center, a church, a school or anything else nearby? All of these things will be important to many growing families.

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