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Student apartments with four bedrooms are actually quite common. They provide for a much more relaxed environment when compared to dorm rooms. You will be able to cook your own meals and spend more time relaxing without the constant sound of student chatter and activities. Most student apartments with several bedrooms will come equipped with two bathrooms, one or more living space, laundry facilities and a kitchen and dining area to share. This means that you will have the responsibility of not only keeping your room clean, but also keeping the rest of the house tidy.

Student Apartment Rules

Every single student house operates differently. However, it is a good idea to sit down with your roommates and set some ground rules before the semester starts, like who is going to speak to landlords about neighbors if it has to comeup. This is the time when most students are more relaxed and are not bombarded with essays, term papers and midterms to prepare for.

The first thing you need to discuss is housework. Housework needs to be done. Most roommates will all be responsible for keeping their rooms as neat or as messy as they would like. However, if you go all semester without cleaning the bathroom or mopping the floors, then you will literally be swimming in your own filth. It is a good idea to set up a schedule and rotate the chores each week. Designate a room to each roommate – kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room and swap. Or, split up the housework by chores – vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the toilet, sanitizing the kitchen, etc. If everyone pitches in and shares the duties, then you will be able to live in a much more tolerable environment.

Another thing you will need to discuss is the finances. If everyone has similar room types, then there is a good chance that you will be splitting the rent equally. However, if one student has the master bedroom with a private ensuite, then he might need to pay a little more each month. In addition to rent, what other costs will you be responsible for? What about electricity, television and internet costs? Will you split these costs equally? What about things like food, toilet paper, shampoo and washing detergent? It is every man for himself or will you split these costs?

Sharing your Space

You should also try to make a set schedule about sharing the shared living space. If everyone plans on making Sunday laundry day, then there could be some issues. Discuss what days you would like to do your washing, what mornings you need to be up early for classes and what times your favorite shows are on the television. That way your roommates will know that if you always watch your program on Monday night then blasting the music down the hall during this time is not appropriate. Furthermore, if you roommate has an 8am class on Tuesdays, then perhaps Monday Party Night could be moved to another day.

If you are looking into a four bedroom student apartment then you should think about your personality. Can you handle sharing your space with other people? Do you enjoy your private quiet time? Are you tolerant to other people’s messes? Can you study in an environment with other people around? If not, then perhaps it would be better to choose to live alone or with only one other person. While living in a shared apartment with four other students is definitely a step up from the party atmosphere of a dorm, there will still be people coming and going all day long. Analyze your personality before signing any lease on a student apartment with four bedrooms.

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