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Having professional family photos done can be a wonderful experience and a great way to bond with your loved ones. Whether you choose to go to a studio or have a friend snap some family shots in your backyard, you may wish to frame a few of your favorite shots in a lovely family college. Choosing what photos to use, what size to frame, where to place the photos and other choices in regards to framing professional family photos can be tough. Take your time, play around with the different shots and find the right combination that really highlights the individualism of your family.

Selecting Your Shots

One of the things that will impact what shots you choose to frame will be who is in your family. If, for example, you have three kids, then you may wish to frame one family shot and one of just the three kids for their toy room. Or, if you have just one child you may wish to frame one family shot, one shot with baby and dad and one shot with baby and mom. Or, if you have two children you may wish to have one family shot, one shot with just the kids, one shot with just Mom and Dad, one shot with the kids and Dad, one shot with the kids and Mom and so forth. What this means is that you need to select a frame or a group of frames that will match how many shots you want to include in your college.

There is no right or wrong amount of pictures to frame but having too many photos with similar poses, similar backdrops and similar outfits can take away from the look. It is a good idea to limit your family photo college to five or less shots depending on the size and shape of your college. That way you can really capture the essence of your family without overdoing it.

Frame Color and Designs

If you have had some family photos done you could have several dozens of pictures to choose from. So how do you know which ones to frame? Look for the pictures that are the most natural and capture your true family. Even if this means your youngest son is making a goofy smile, this is going to be better than having a photo where you all have fake smiles on. Try to choose ones that have different poses - looking at the camera; looking at one another; laughing together - and combine them in a funky frame to really highlight the essence of your lovely family.

Another thing you need to think about is what type of frame to choose. This will depend on the furniture and decoration in the room as well as the colors in the shot. If you have done black and white photos then a black frame is going to look lovely. Colored shots that capture the green forest backyard of your backyard or the lovely blue ocean will look best in a timber frame that really highlights the natural colors in your photo shoot.

How big you choose to make your professional family photos will depend on the space that you have selected. You may wish to get a large frame with two or three openings in it or you may wish to put up three individual but identical frames at the same height. Framing professional family photos is not as simple as you may have first thought. Take the time to explore your options, play around with the sizes, pictures and frames and choose ones that really show off your family's true colors.

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